This is Lilly.

She is retired and is looking for a loving home.
Lilly is very sweet and loves people and dogs are ok too.

Lilly is 7 yrs old.

Siberian Cat

Siberian cat

Siberian cat

Lilly can be paid for with a credit card, or cash on delivery.

I can deliver to Mt Pleasant for $120, or you can come here for free.

Lilly is only $650, but if you order the food below, you get a $50 discount.

If you are a reired Sr. Citizen, you get another $50 discount.

If you make less than $20,000 a year, you get another $50 discount.


All three of those together potentially gives you $150 off, which makes her only $500.

Adding delivery to you makes her $620, so you have more to spend on a cat tree or supplies.


We accept PayPal, Money Orders, Cash, and Credit Cards through PayPal,
& you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service.

We accept Credit Cards via this PayPal link.

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If you wish to use your Credit Card,
Just click on the "Buy Now"
PayPal link below to make
a deposit, to make payments,
or to make a purchase.

PayPal accepts credit cards.

Don't forget to include the cost of shipping, if applicable,
in the total price of the purchase
when using PayPal.

This does not apply
if you are picking up the kitten.

If you already have a PayPal account

Just click on the PayPal.Me link below
to make a payment or deposit.



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This is the food I use.

If you choose to use it, you will get a $50 discount if you set up an autoship account.
That can be on a monthly shipment. That can be changed at any time to sooner, or later,
as you see how much she is eating. Get the canned and dry food at the same time and by
creating an autoship account, the company gives you a discount as well.
This can be terminated after 12 months and that will sasisfy your commitment to me to get the cat.

It is deliverd to your door so you never have to go shoppign for cat food.

Just click on the photo below.

Click on the photo to purchase Life's Abundance Cat food.
It needs to be there before your kitten arrives.

siberian kitten
I can have your male kitten altered or $75 extra and a female for $150 extra.
They will need to be 16 weeks old and at least 4 pounds

for the females, and just 4 pounds for the males.


Good bye. 
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