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 Our Adults
We have tested all of our adult cats for Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS, and PKD 1, PK Defficiency, and all the imports for HCM.
Our cattery is guaranteed free from these maladies. If it is proven that your kitten dies from one of these issues
you will receive another kitten free of charge, or a refund, at my discretion, assuming you have kept the terms of my on-line contract.
FIP is guaranteed for 12 months after purchase or up to 5 years if you have kept them on the recommended foods and supplements.

These guarantee can be extended to 5 years if you use the food and supplements I have recommended.

The Toms
Not all of these toms live here, but have been available for breeding in the past.

Starwatchers Basalt of Munchranch
Brown spotted tabby

Son of RGC Starwatchers Rusty Zaryaovich
& Starwatchers Galina
DOB 3-23-16

siberian cat

Below, Rare
Golden Lynx Color Point 
Rusty Chukonaut
Son of Impero's Cukovsky & Munchranch Natasha
DOB 2-25-15

Below CH Sestra Russell Taylor
Brown Tabby
out of CH Munchranch Skywalker and Sestra Clover
DOB 5/12/17
siberian cat

Below Vasilyok Evan Chudes of Munchranch
Seal Color Point
out of Frantsuz Strana Chudes & Silly Sadie
DOB 8/24/17

seal cp

Below is Munchranch Rasputin
Blue Smoke
DOB 06/10/18

Solace Farm Commando
Black Smoke
Son of Rusty Zaryaovich
& Vonliebchens Merlin Timosovich
DOB 5-20-12

Munchranch Luke Marcelovich
Son of Marcel (shaded silver)
& Sugar (white)




Below is Marz Skybella of Munchranch,
a Red Classic.
Son of CH Skywalker of Kawakatz
& Sestra Bella Milena

DOB 3-5-17

siberian cat


Below is Munchranch Maxxim
Black Golden Shaded
DOB 10/02/17




The Queens
Not all of them live here,
but you can still see photos of the mothers.

Daisley Pavarti of Munchranch
Seal Color Point
Out of Vanilla Sky Tamerlan (Color Point)
Skyeblue Hermione of Daisley (Color Point)

Sestra Daisy Shyanne Chuko
Brown tabby w/white
Out of Impero's Chukovsky (CP) & Munchranch Shyanne (brown)

Munchranch Rianna Rose Ruzo
Red with white tabby
Out of RW QGC SF Ruzo (red) & Munchranch Arianna (red/white)

Rianna Rose

Munchranch Sasha Olivia Basalt
Brown Classic

Out of Starwatchers Basalt
& Munchranch Olivia



Munchranch Confetti
Black silver tortoiseshell

Munchranch Laurel Lilly
Blue Color Point
Out of Munchranch Lillypatch Ivanazonaovna (seal patch point)
Munchranch Ivan (gold tabby)

Retired and ready for adoption.



Munchranch Opal Rose
Blue sliver tabby pathched white

High white Tortoiseshell

Munchranch Sofia Hannanuriovna
Shaded Golden Classic
Out of Goldenesima Nuri Meruovich (gold classic)
& Munchranch Hanna Irenaovna (brown classic)

siberian cat

Munchranch Willow Cassandra
High white Tortoiseshell
Out of Syberiaru Eger & Munchranch Cassandra

siberian  cat

siberian cat

Munchranch Tarraleena
Shaded Silver classic
Out of Vaselyok Tarragon (silver) & SF Leena (silver)


siberian cat


Annie - My beloved, very first Siberian.
She was bottle fed as a newborn kitten
and is what got me hooked.

Annie is now part of the Cosmos. We miss her dearly
but our  memories and her legacy will be here as long as we exist.

Some are no longer here but are shown so you can see the mother of your kitten.


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