Russian Siberian Cats of Texas  
Kittens that have been sold page.

Updated July, 2020

Below are photos of the kittens
t have been sold

Kitten prices range from
$1800 - $2000
Shipping or delivery is extra.

These kittens must be altered at your vet, or mine, &
do not come with breeding rights.

Altering & Microchipping a male is $215 extra.
Spaying & Chipping a female is $315.

My vet can do this before your kitten leaves,
or your vet may do it before your kitten is 8 months old.

Next litter is out of Rianna in July.


To see the parents of the kittens, click here.


My email is:

Please note tht the email used to pay with PayPal is



Kittens below have been SOLD
or are tentatively sold pending a deposit or allergy test.

1. Jessica Garland
(Sofia's large silver male -a. kitty)

Pk up Tues, 7/14

jessica g


3. Anne Madsen-
(2 males)
(Sofia's gold faced brown male
$1800) &
(Opals small brownn male $1500)

opal btm

2. Shazim Mohammad-
(Irina's gold female $1800)
(Opal's silver male-$2000)





11. Lisa Mazzella 4/28
Confetti's orange male

Mazella kitty

22. Louisa Meyer
Sasha's Dark brown tabby male.




13. Adam Trask
(Sofia's dark silver female)

sofias dk sliver f

14. Adam trask
( Irina's Blue female out of Irina)

blue female


19. Peyton Despotakis

Sasha dark colored male

Katie Moore
Opal's White Male kitty a


Tim & Lauralei Whittaker
Willow's Dk Brn Wild look male




Silver male out of Confetti
Hanlin Chiang
Confetti's light silver male
hanlin silver male

6. Hanlin Chiang
Sasha's Color Point female

Hanlins CPF lighter

Suitka family
Sashas CP male.

Janna Hall
Rianna's dark tortoiseshell

janna hall

Rebecca in Alaska
(Willow's high white red male- A&C)

orange tabby

Brandi Crosier
Willows blue and white male. $2000
Pick up Sunday July 19th

brandis cat

Keiko and Anton Schleicher
Rianna's Red male with white

Dr Gretchen Pianka
Rianna's red male no white.

Dr Piankas kitty

Alex Han
Rianna's Flame Point male

Han kitten

Sold to Michelle Xu Rianna's CP female

Xu cat

Sold to Lauren Young
Confetti's silver tortie female.
$2000. She can leave Aug 4th

silver tortie



                    The  momma cats that are expecting 
or who have had kittens are: * A&C = Alter & Microchip 1. Daisy-high white brown x Rasputin-blue smoke * kittens born 4/1 All Delivered
2. Opal Rose-Blue silver tortie/white x Commando- smoke
            * kittens born 4/21     Ready to go July 14th
       a. White male Larger  ($2000) Katie Moore Pk up Friday July 10th 2:00
       b. White male ($1800) SOLD Elizabeth Callahan A&C Deliver Sunday, July 12th Round Rock
       c.  Brown tabby male Small  ($1800) wild look SOLD Anne Madsen Deliver Thursday July 16th
       d. Silver classic male- ($2000) SOLD Shazim Mohammad A&C  Delivered 
3. Sofia- Gold classic x Basalt-brown classic
           * kittens born 4/9     Ready to go July 2nd
a. Silver male ($1800) Large SOLD Jessica Garland Pk up Tuesday, July 14th b. Silver female dark ($1800)SOLD Adam Trask c. Lg. brown spotted male w/gold face ($1800) SOLD Anne Madsen A&C Del. Thurs. July 16th d. Gold face silver female ($1800) Delivered Chase Burton A&C 4. Laura- White x Rasputin-blue smoke * kittens born 4/1 Ready to go June 26th
a. Color Point male blue, Laurel ($1800) SOLD Tommy Westerman A&C Delivered b. Black and white Male ($1800) SOLD Dawn Casey Delivered
c. White male ($1800) SOLD Dr.Nasir A&C Delivered 5. Irina-Gold x Pyotr- Blue w/white * kittens born 4/9 Ready to go July 2nd a. Brownish Gold male ($1800) Delivered Mary Margaret Harris c. Blue female *rare ($2000) SOLD Adam Trask d. Gold faced female ($1800) Sold Shazim Mohammad A&C Delivered
5. Sasha-brown tabby x Evan-color point male
* kittens born 5/2 Ready to go July 25th
a. Dark brown tabby Male kitty ($1800) SOLD Peyton Despotakis A&C DFW 8/4 @10:30 b. Dark brown tabby Male kitty b ($PIF) SOLD Louisa Meyer A&C c. Color point male kitty dk paws ($1800) SOLD Sutka family A&C
d. Color point female SOLD to Cathy Taylor
e. Color point female kitty ($1800 ) SOLD to Hanlin Chiang 6. Confetti-silver tortoiseshell x Marz-red classic * kittens born 5/12 Ready to go Aug 4th a. orange mal ($2000) e SOLD Lisa Mazzella A&C b. dark tortoiseshell female SOLD to Cathy Taylor c. Silver male ($2000) SOLD to Hanlin Chiang
d. Silver tortoiseshell ($2000) SOLD to Lauren Young Pk up Monday, 8/10 7. Willow-high white calico x Marz-red classic male * kittens born 5/04 Ready to go July 27th b. High white with orange patches Male ($2000) SOLD to Rebecca Owens c. High white with blue patches Male ($2000) SOLD to Brandi Crozier pk up Sat. 7/18 d. Dark brown tabby wild look Male ($1800) SOLD Tim & Loralei Whittaker 8. Rianna -red x Evan-CP male
* kittens born 5/26 Ready to go Aug. 26th a. Red male w/white ($1800) SOLD to Keiko & Anton Schleicher c. Dark tortoiseshell ($2000) SOLD to Janna Hall
b. Red male ($2000) SOLD to Dr. Gretchen Pianka e. CP female ($2000) SOLD to Michelle Xu
d. CP Flame point male ($2000) SOLD to Alex Han

9. Nubiti - Gold Black shaded x Sammy silver classic. *kittens born 6/25 Ready to go 12 wks after birth.
a. Elizabeth Yamaguchi 6/5 Male
b. Alexandra Kahn 6/10 (Dark male) c. Jana Bintz 6/11
d. Ruth Keefer 6/24 out of BBP or Nubiti 10. Blueberry Pie *kittens born 7/xx Ready to go 12 wks after birth.
a. Jennifer & Ken Joel in GA, 6/24 (Flame point male) b. Melissa Moore 6/24 PM (kitten out of next litters) c. Jennifer Williamson 6/24 (wants red male) d. Leiser Silva 6/25 (wants kitten out of next litters) Pre-promised people in no particular order:
Sayeda Nazir, will notify when ready
Julia Garrett, (Black kitten- dep paid 2019)
Donna Evan, smoke or black
Cathy Taylor ( Sasha CP female, Confetti's Tortie female, Willow) RED has been delivered or picked up.
People in line according to the date of deposit are:          
             1. Jessica Garland- 4/18 -pk up Tuesday, July 14th
(Sofia's silver male -a. kitty)
2. Shazim Mohammad- 4/20
(Irina's gold female white toes-b. kitty) (Opal's silver male.)

3. Anne Madsen- 4/21 (2 males) deliver Thursday, July 16th (Sofia's gold faced brown male d (Opals GF brn male c)
4. Dr. Nasir 4/22 (Laura's white male) 5. Mary Margaret Harris 4/22 AM (Irina's Brownish Gold male-a) 6. Hanlin Chiang 4/22 PM (Willow's orange/white male) 7. Inna Avtomonova 4/24 (Daisy's blue female w/out white collar -e) 9. Chase Burton 4/26 PM (Sofias gold faced female) 10. Elizabeth Callahan (White male out of Opal kitty b) 11. Lisa Mazzella 4/28
Orange male out of Confetti)
12. Dawn Casey 5/4 (black and white male Laura) 15. Adam Trask
(Silver dark female out of Sofia kitty c) 16. Adam Trask (Rare blue female out of Irina) 17. Cheryl Dietzman 5/1
17. Lauren Young 5/1 Pick up Monday Aug. 10th
(Confetti's sliver tortie)
18. Cassie Thogersen 5/1 (Blue white collar female out of Daisy, kitty d) 19. Peyton Despotakis 5/2 Meet DFW Tuesday, Aug. 4th (Sasha dark colored male) 20. Sutka family 5/17 (Sasha CP male) 21. Louisa Meyer 5/17
(Sasha Dark brown tabby Male) 22. Keiko and Anton Schleicher- 5/25 Meet at DFW, Thursday, Aug. 20th (Rianna's orange tabby w/white male) 23. Tim & Loralei Whittaker

(Willow's dk brown wild look male)
24. Alex Han 6/2
(Rianna's CP male) 25.
Brandi Crozier 6/2 up Saturday, July 18th
(Willow's blue and white male) 26. Elizabeth Yamahuchi 6/5 Visit Saturday, July 18th
(Male out of Nubiti)

27. Michelle Xu 6/8
(Rianna's Color Point female) 28. Dr. Gretchen Pianka 6/9 Meet at DFW, Saturday, Aug 22nd 12:30
(Rianna's orange no white male) 29. Rebecca Ownes in Alaska, 6/20
(high white orange male out of Willow) 02. *Elizabeth Yamaguchi 6/5 (Male out of BBP's litter) 03. *Alexandra Kahn 6/10
(Male out of Nubiti or smoke out of BBP (A&C) 04. *Jana Bintz 6/11 (male out of Nubiti litter)
05. * Ruth Keefer 6/22 (fall or winter litters) 06. Jennifer & Ken Joel in GA, 6/24 (Flame point male) 07. Melissa Moore 6/24 PM (kitten out of next litters-came to visit) 08. Jennifer Williamson 6/24 (wants red male) 09. Leiser Silva 6/25 (wants kitten out of next litters) 10. Joan Ceaser 6/31 (Up coming kitten out of BBP dark in color or Seal CP) 11. Karen Jensen 6/31-wants her (anything but black or orange and female) 12. Amanda Chambers 7/1 (Kitten for friend) 13. Sydney Leahy 7/8 AM (smoke from BBP) 14. Pamela Perillo 7/8 PM (something upcoming for Nov. birthday) 15. Kassandra Salazar 7/12 (Male, sillver, blue point, or golden)