MunchRanch now offers  
The World's Best Pet Food
and Supplements.

If you choose to order the dry food and the canned meat from Life's Abundance through me,
or my website,as well as the NuVet Plus supplements in the proper amounts
for your specific pet's needs, you will get a $50 rebate off the price of any kitten.
If you make your own raw meat for your pets and do not need the canned food, you can still
qualify for a $50 rebate just for ordering the NuVet supplements for your cat or dog.
That's like getting your first 3 months of the product free.

You can now order the World's Best Cat Food online,
as well as the
World's Best Cat Vitamin/Supplements from this website.
Please create your account and order before the kitten arrives.
It should be kept on the same foods and supplements for at least the next year.
Simply click on the
yellow text above to check the food and the cat supplements out.
They are different links and go to different sites.

** Please note that in order to purchase a kitten,
I would like for you to keep these kittens on the same food
as they are currently on for at least the next 12 months.
This food, as well as the vitamin supplements can be ordered online from my site,
and if you create on Auto-ship account, that will save you money.
NO MORE driving anywhere to get cat food
which increases the cost each time you put fuel in your car.
It will be delivered to your door as frequently as you set the delivery date for.
It may be cheaper than the expensive premium foods or it may be a bit more expensive than 
the cheaper, bulk brands that are full of by-products, but this food is a much more nutritious product.
It uses premium quality ingredients, real chicken, real fish, real shrimp,
has no by-products, no wheat, corn, or soy glutens, and is made fresh.
I use canned and dry food, but you can choose between one or the other, or order both.
And ordering both the dry food and the canned food will not increase the shipping fee.
This will ensure your health guarantee for a full year.
Remember, cats are obligate carnivores and need meat in their diet.
If you like to use raw, store bought meat, be sure to include the cat supplements
or their diet will be incomplete because of the loss of many vitamins and supplements
during processing.

If you want to check the amazing ingredients in the NuVet cat supplements,
just click the link below.
NuVet Cat Supplement ingredient list

The video below is about NuVet's Vitamins.
Below this video are links to Life's Abundance food site.

Click on one of the icons below to order the World's Best Cat Food,
(and dog food.)

On this site you can compare what you are using to Life's Abundance Premium Cat food,
which I now use exclusively.

It will be an eye opening experience
when you do the comparison and watch the video.
You can choose any of these links to view, compare, or order on line

Click her to view
"Putting a Premium on Pet Health"
- HD Video on Vimeo

Lifes Abundance cat food  Lifes Abundance cat foodLifes Abundance cat food
Life's Abundance isa holistic, natural food made fresh with real chicken & no by-products.

Or just click on this link: Or

Below is a video from Life's Abundance
showing their holistic approach to good nutrition.

 Putting a Premium on Pet Health on the Life's Abundance Vimeo channel

This link is the same video as the bright pink one above, using Vimeo Video program, not Youtube.


So, what kind of food should you use?
The World's Best Cat Food, and
Cat Vitamin/Mineral Supplements, Immune Builder, of course!

I use Life's Abundance dry, as well as Life's Abundance canned foods.
A fat cat will have a shortened life, and be lacking in optimum health.
Your cat is a big investment of love and money.
It should be given the opportunity to live the longest life possible.
A healthy diet is is probably one of the most important things you can do
to keep unusable and harmful chemicals out of their body.
The food I use is, in my opinion, the best available in both dry and wet foods.
You can see how the Life's Abundance line of food compares with what you are using, or considering to use.
This comparison chart is on the site, as well as all the nutritional value and components of the food.
It is real chicken, not by-products, no corn or wheat gluten fillers.
After you compare what you think is good to Life's Abundance food, you will be amazed at the difference.
It is NOT expensive to give your cat the World's Best Cat Food.
You can have it auto shipped and pay wholesale prices like I do.
Please consider the health of your cat, extending its life, and try this healthy diet.

For around $10 a week you can feed it the premium real meat canned food as well as the best dry food available.
At least, look at the site and listen to the facts. The food is made with fresh, premium grade meats and vegetables.
It is a natural, holistic diet that beats most others out there in value and nutrition
Those that may be comparable are quite expensive, such as Blue Buffalo.
Life's Abundance was developed by veterinarians and this company also offers nutritious dog food as well as items for us humans.
You can also order a natural, good smelling
odor control spray, cat treats, and many other items.
Click on the icons below, or just click on this link (do not use .com)

If you order the Cat Starter Pack, you get a lot of items worth more than the price of the Starter Pack, and with that comes the odor control spray.

** You need only to order the dry food, or you can also order the canned meat and dry.
The choice is yours as to which one you like best. I recommend getting both types of food.
Most vets will tell you that cats need real meat in order to maintain the best health. This is because unlike a dog, a cat is an obligate carnivore. That means it evolved being a meat eating creature. If you like giving your cat raw meats, be sure to include the World's Best Cat Supplements in the diet and just sprinkle that on the meat like you would put seasoning on your food. Be sure the food does not have any bacteria on it. That is one problem with home made raw diets, so some cooking may be in order.
These supplements, called NuVet Plus, will fill the supplemental void that raw meat by itself is lacking.

I recommend ordering the canned food and at least feeding it every other day, or better yet, every day. It has ingredients and essential oils that cats need and that are not found in only dry food.
Being carnivorous, our cats have a specialized diet, and with this combination of dry and wet food, you will have a cat that is more healthy, and has a wonderful coat and better overall health.

We also offer a perfect addition to this food and it is NuVet's Plus Supplements.
Please check out the site and decide if you want your pets to have the best of the best in healthy nutrition. Click here to check the NuVet Nutritional Supplement site out.

*** Please remember that this food needs to be at your home before the kitten arrives. ***

Or, if you are picking up a kitten on short notice I will give you some food until your order can be delivered.
If you need help in ordering, just email me, or call. I can do it all for you if you prefer,
but I will need a ccard number to set up your account.


Life's Abundance has a new
Healthy Start Pack for Cats
When you order the Starter Pack for your kitten,
you can also order the Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Meat Cat Food.
This is an excellent source of real meat protein without all the fillers
found in most canned foods.
Shipping will cost the same, which is only $8.95
no matter how much you order.
You can find out more about these products when you log onto the site
simply by clicking one of the icons above.

After you try out the Starter Pack, you may want to sign up for
Autoship and get a discount when purchasing your cat's favorite food items.
That is another way to save money, besides not having to drive
somewhere to purchase foods of a lesser quality,
or foods that are more expensive but offer nothing more in nutrition.

Most veterinarians will tell you that real meat is very important in a cat's diet in order to
maintain its best health. I suggest the canned meat as part of the diet, even if you just give it every
other day. Remember, purchasing a 24 can case of the meat will cost no more in shipping than if you
just purchase the dry food alone.

MunchRanch also highly recommends, and uses a tasty vitamin/mineral supplement
made in the USA by NuVet.  You can order it on line from the link below.

Want more discounts?- Read further
I would like for you to consider keeping your pets on the same food
as they are on now, and I will also give you another $100 discount
if you become an Executive Field Representative of this food,
(Life's Abundance) and  have me as your sponsor. 
I will give you $25 off the price for  just becoming a Basic Rep.
The $100 off is for becoming an executive rep. 
Being a basic, or executive rep also entitles you to purchase
44# bags of this premium food at breeder costs.
Please email me if you are interested.
Sorry, but this offer is only available for those purchasing breeding rights with a cat or kitten
or already has an established cattery. .

For more information, please click the link below:
Becoming a Field Representative for Life's Abundance Pet Foods

For more information on the food you will be selling with each kitten, click this link below.


In addition, we offer the
World's Best Cat Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Click here to check out NuVet Plus, a Vitamin/Mineral Supplement, and to order
Or you can call 1800.474.7044 .
Canadian and international customers must use that number to order.
Everyone who calls will need to use ID code 49712 at the prompt,
assuming that I am your NuVet Rep.

***** Please be sure that I am your NuVet Plus Representative before  you use this code. *****
***** If you have another rep that you have been talking to, you need to use their code or your order may not go through. *****

Click Here To Order NuVet Plus  Or  Call 800-474-7044 w/code #49712

Protect Your New Kitten with NuVet Plus.
Click here to read more.


Help Heal and Protect your Pet - for Life!


NuVet Plus can help heal and protect against the ravages of free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life.

NuVet Plus is safe, affordable, & guaranteed.


Ø  NuVet Plus can help prolong the
life of your dog or cat

Ø  Can help eliminate many ailments such as
* Allergies

Skin and Coat Problems
* Scratching, Itching, Biting
Hot Spots
* Arthritis and Joint Problems
* Premature Aging
* Low Energy Levels
* Diabetes and Liver Problems
* Cataracts and Tumors
* Digestive Problems
* Tearing
* Heart Disease

*Saving just one major trip to the vet could pay for more than a lifetime supply of NuVet Plus *

NOTE: This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your Pet Professional

Not available in stores – CALL NOW TO ORDER!
800-474-7044 Order Code: 49712


  • Thousands of the nation’s top breeders use NuVet Plus® to keep their puppies, kittens, breeding females and males so healthy!                                                                   
  • Revolutionary product; affordable– natural, water soluble
  • GUARANTEED – No artificial sweeteners or fillers added  
  • GUARANTEED – Flavored with real chicken liver – not cooked.  NuVet is paddle dried following a patented process to preserve its Omega Fatty Acids
  • GUARANTEED – not heat treated (heat destroys vitamins A, E & B1) – it’s why NuVet Plus wafers crumble easily
  • GUARANTEED – So pure it’s produced in an FDA (human-grade) manufacturing facility  (virtually unheard of in the pet industry because of the high cost / monitoring required)
  • Our team of Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Nutritional Scientists took eight years to develop this revolutionary product
  • On the market for over 16 years/ NuVet Labs is one of the oldest US pet supplement companies
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Call now to order this revolutionary product. If this isn’t the most incredible pet supplement you’ve ever had, we’ll give your money back!

Not available in stores – CALL NOW TO ORDER! –
800-474-7044 – Order Code: 49712



We also are offering Pet Health Insurance for as little as $12 a month.
Of course, there is an annual deductible and the company pays up to 90% of the bill.
You also can go to any veterinarian of you choosing.
If this is of interest to you, please click on the link below.

[ Health Insurance for your Pet-Click here for more information ]

My email is: