MunchRanch Kitten Contract & Health Guarantee


You do not have to print this out. It is 11 pages long. I require no signature since I keep all our emails as verification of our discussions.

Part of the Conditions for Sale is that you check this out and are OK with the other conditions for sale that are posted on that document.

The see the Conditions for Sale click on this sentence.

*Please note: (You must agree to continue using the same food that I am using for the next 12 months to purchase this kitten, unless we have discussed other options.
Just order the food online from this link (, or from my website.

1. This cat or kitten is being purchased for:
(Circle one)      1. Altered pet      2. Breeder      3. Show      4. Show/breeder

2. No cash refund except as stated under in this Contract/Health Guarantee.

3. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away, to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

4. If for any reason the purchaser cannot keep the cat or kitten for any reason, the cat or kitten must be returned to the seller or a suitable, loving home.

5. Purchaser agrees not to declaw all 4 paws, or amputate cat’s nails, or sever tendons and part of bone unless a veterinarian finds it medically necessary.

6. Seller provides a Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian assuring good health if the cat is shipped to the buyer.

If the buyer personally picks up the kitten or cat, the seller will not provide a veterinary health certificate, although the health guarantee will still be honored,
and a shot record will be provided. If the buyer wants a Health Certificate it can be ordered and paid for when the kitten is paid for.

7. Seller guarantees kitten or cat to be free of external & internal parasites (worms, fleas, ear mites, fungus, etc.)

8. If kitten arrives with any of these maladies and was not notified previously, the seller will reimburse reasonable costs for medications to treat such effects with a
maximum reimbursement of $100. The costs will not include veterinary office charges other than the cost of the medicine or topical treatment.
Reasonable costs are those costs that my veterinarian would normally charge for the same treatment.
It is unfortunate that some veterinary hospitals or offices charge very high prices. Those fees may only be partially reimbursed due to their higher costs.
No medication reimbursements will be paid if the cat is returned to the seller. Maximum reimbursements will not exceed $100 unless agreed to by the breeder/seller.
If your vet says that they want to do a series of tests, you will do it at your own expense, and those can go on for thousands of dollars.

9. Seller guarantees kitten or cat to be free from disease. If it is found that the kitten is very ill, or has any kind of disease, which is not easily treatable,
you need to contact me and arrange to send the kitten back for a refund or another kitten. The refund or replacement is at my discretion.

Ringworm is not considered an incurable disease and is treatable. Although we would not knowingly send any kitten or cat with active ringworm,
it is common and may be missed by any attending veterinarian, even under close observation. The microscopic spores can live on almost any animal and it can be
undetected until a human gets it. It is usually easily cured with Micanizole cream or other fungus creams that can be purchased at most drug stores, or Walmart.
Also, pet shampoo with this ingredient can be purchased if the kitten gets, or has the fungus. The ingredient that cures athletes foot also cures most ringworm.
Many adult animals and humans are often immune to it, but kids may be the most vulnerable if they have never had it.
So, watch carefully for red itchy, circular areas that might develop as a result of getting any pet with ringworm spores.
Treating it soon will be advantageous. If your kitten does have it, I will pay for medications up to the $100 limit.

I will not pay for fumigating your home, nor medication for the humans, guests, or other pets.
Ringworm spores can come from many outside sources including petting other people's pets or livestock.

FIP titers from the Corona Virus can be found by checking the blood. Those titers caused by exposure to the Corona virus (which is not the same variant that us humans have had
recently) are not covered under this guarantee.
I had a cat returned because it had titers from the Corona virus, as most all cats do these days.
The vet said it looked thin and probably had FIP, a horrible and incurable disease, which is true.
However, the kitten did not have it and has lived long, healthy, and happy life.
It did not have FIP. If it had died of FIP, then that would have certainly been covered if it were in the guarantee time span. 
Having titers shows exposure to the virus, or exposure from a vaccination, and not necessarily that it has the disease.
Showing titers are not considered a disease and are not covered.
A cat that dies of FIP within the first year of its DOB is covered and will be replaced. That type of disease is no one's fault.
Something in the environment can cause the virus to mutate and no one can know what caused it.
It might be due to the stress from all the new surroundings or the altering surgery. It's such a mystery that no one can predict the whether a cat will get it or not.
It's like a cancer in humans. We do not always know when or why someone who does not smoke would get cancer, or why some smokers never get cancer.

Herpes nor the herpes virus titers are not covered because titers show up if the cats have ever been vaccinated, or exposed to these viruses.
We all know, and current research proves that titers do not always indicate a problem, nor indicate that there will ever be a problem.
They only indicate ‘exposure’ and that could have been when vaccinated, or exposed to other felines.
Titers can show that probable immunities are developing. Herpes in cats is fairly common and normally not life threatening.
Most cats likely carry the virus and many never show symptoms.

Leukemia, and Feline Aids may *NOT be covered by my warranty because all the adult cats in my cattery have been screened, and tested for Leukemia, Aids, & heart worms.
Most of the original adults have also been tested for PKD-1 and HCM and PD Deficiency.

Leukemia can be contracted from other cats so be sure any cats you have, or that your kitten comes in contact with, does not have the diseases.
• The exception to the Leukemia guarantee is that if you test your new kitten for this disease within the 5 day allowed time period after you get it, and it comes up positive,
I must be notified immediately.
The kitten has to be retested in 6 weeks. If it is positive again, a different test must be give.
If that tests results prove to be positive, I will take the cat back and test myself. If it is again testing positive then you will get a refund, or replacement.
To date, no cat has ever tested positive on the third test and no cats have had to be replaced for dieing from Leukemia..

On two occasions, two kittens who tested positive were both false positives. If all 3 tests are positive, then and only then will a refund, or other kitten be granted.
• The kitten has to be shipped back to me if you want me to do the testing at my expense. If that proves positive on the 3rd test, you will be entitled to a refund or
replacement and I will ship the new kitten to you at my cost. I will make the decision as to whether a refund or kitten will be offered.

This disease is common in cats. It is not a warrantable issue. Good dental care should help keep this at a minimum.
If your veterinarian believes that your kitten has a bad case of it, and it may be the inherited type, I would like to know this within a week of you getting the kitten,
(even though there is no coverage for this problem. )
I also would like to know what treatment was prescribed. This will help me determine the cause and try to find out if the parents or clutch mates have it.
Medication for tooth/gum problems are NOT covered in the kitten health guarantee. This is not something I have control over and will not cover unless your kitten dies
of this disease within a year after you purchase the kitten.

Ear Mites:
Ear mites may be not covered if the following is done:  Many vets will see some dirt or soil in an ear and just assume that it is the result of ear mites.
They must do a scrape and examine under a microscope to tell if there are mites. If your kitten comes with ear mites, and the vet actually did a scraping and examined
it under a microscope, the meds will be covered at the same cost as my vet would charge, up to the maximum limit of $100. This is a lifetime limit, not per incident.
Only the medication, or the ear mite wash will be covered.
I have to have a signed vet bill with the procedure showing that this microscopic inspection was actually done, and not just a visual inspection stating that mites are assumed
to be in the ear. Although we try to keep the ears clean, dirty ears are not covered.

Kidney Issues:
Due to differing diets that owners choose to incorporate in the raising of the kittens, any kidney problems will not be considered as warrantable unless the following occurs:
If the kitten dies from kidney problems before the kitten is 1 year old, you will get a replacement kitten, or a refund, only if you have kept them on the same diet that I recommend
on my website.
You need to keep them on the diet I recommended for at least the next 12 months, (unless your veterinarian specifically recommended something else for the kidney problems),
and doing so will ensure that you have the 1 year warranty.
You will need records to confirm that it was on the recommended diet, such as receipts or delivery confirmation emails from Life's Abundance company.

Kidney problems are not uncommon for cats, so veterinarian advice is recommended on how to keep your kitten healthy, including, but not limited to being too fat.
That can cause kidney problems very quickly. 
A good and healthy diet may keep the cats from developing kidney problems. It is recommended that you include meat in every day feedings.
Research has shown that cats on a dry only diet often develop kidney problems.

Cats are obligate carnivores. They MUST have meat in the diet. I recommend the canned food from Life's Abundance, or you can make your own raw meat diet.
Either one is recommended and required for the years guarantee.
I would also recommend the NuVet Plus powdered supplements to be placed on the meat at each feeding.
It is not expensive and an excellent source of many vitamins and nutrients that may not be in the meat or food.
That can be purchased from

PKD: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD or PCKD, also known as polycystic kidney syndrome) is a cystic genetic disorder of the kidneys.
PKD diagnosis, resulting in death is guaranteed for 1 year after purchase, with a money back guarantee, or replacement, which ever I decide, if your kitten has been kept
on the Life's Abundance Diet.
This guarantee can be extended to up to 5 years if your cat has been on Life's Abundance dry and canned food for the entire time.

You can easily increase your years guarantee to a 5 year guarantee for specific genetic problems just by using the Life's Abundance dry, and canned food, or a meat diet,
and the NuVet supplements.
If you continue to use these three products (Life's Abundance Dry, Life's Abundance Canned, (or a meat of your choice) and NuVet supplements, for the first 5 years of your cat's life,
your guarantee can be extended for your cat for up to 5 years.
After 5 years, and you still use these foods and supplements, your guarantee is still valid but is now being prorated for up to 10 years.
The 6th year it is 50%, the 7th year it is 40%, the 8th year it is 30%, the 9th year it is 20%, and the 10th year it is 10% off the price of the replacement.
So if your cat dies in year 6 and you have continued to use the supplements and Life's Abundance food, you can get another cat for 60% off the posted price of any kittens I have available.
After the cat is 5 years old, there may not be any refunds available if you are not still using Lifes Abundance food, including meat in their diet.

PKD cats can live a longer than average life, but it can still cause your cat to die. PKD is a genetic kidney disease. Cysts grow on the kidneys and can cause them to fail if it gets too severe.
However, many cats with it die from other causes before the PKD affects them, so having PKD is not an automatic death sentence.

That is why it is important to know what killed the cat. I do not replace cats on hunches or presumptions.
This is why it is imperative to get a necropsy to determine the cause of death if you suspect there was a genetic problem that caused it.
The best recommendation is to get an ultrasound, or do a DNA test on the kitten if PKD is suspected.
However, DNA can only tell you if the cat carries the gene for PKD, and does not tell you if your cat has the disease.
If you get a positive result, then the next step would be the ultrasound. The DNA PKD gene test is only $40 at the time of this posting. I can send you information on that if you ask.

All of my breeders have been tested for PKD and at this time, there are no breeding PKD carriers in my lines.
It is not something that can be acquired from another cat just from being in contact or near the other cat.

A kitten that has been found to have the PKD gene is probably not going to be a guaranteed kitten unless it died of that disease.
Remember, having the gene does not mean it has the disease.
Having the gene is not a warranted condition, but getting the disease and dieing of it is.
So, if it dies of PKD, then we can discuss the refund or replacement.
Again, this is because the adults in my cattery has recently been tested and confirmed as a PKD, Leukemia, Feline Aids, PK Deficiency, and heart worm free cattery.

10. Because of the nature of viruses, how they are contracted, and how they develop, especially the Corona virus, death due to FIP is not covered unless the kitten dies
within a year of its birth. If that happens, the purchaser (you), at my discretion will get another kitten at my expense, or a refund.
However, proof that it died of FIP must be from a veterinarian and it must state that is positively FIP and not just a hunch. FIP can be diagnosed conclusively only with dead
animal tissue.
These tests can be drawn out and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and are at your expense, so be careful who you choose to diagnose the illnesses.
I will be happy to talk to your veterinarian before all the necropsies are done and we may determine that it is FIP and those expensive tests do not need to be done.
There are signs that indicate probable FIP and I may be OK with those visual diagnosis, but will need to discuss it in length with you, or your vet.
We love our pets and are willing to spend what it takes to keep them healthy.
But, there are many issues that cannot be cured, so spending thousands isn't in the best interest of the kitten, nor you.

Unfortunately, there are a few veterinarians will encourage spending boatloads of money knowing that the kitten will die so they want to get all the income from the owner
before the cat dies. Hopefully your veterinarian will be in that category.
There are several illnesses that look like FIP, and unfortunately, some veterinarians tell you it is FIP because they do not really know. In some cases, it seems to be a’ catch all’
diagnosis because symptoms are similar to other illnesses.
As I have stated before, having titers for the corona virus does not mean it has, nor will die of FIP. That shows that it has been exposed to the virus.
You must get in touch with me at the first sign of significant illness and not wait until the cat has died, or is unjustly suffering.

FIP cannot be positively diagnosed with a live animal, unless new technology has been developed after the time this contract was written.
It can be diagnosed as probable, or possible.
If it is that ill and suffering from what your vet believes that it is unmistakably FIP from all the symptoms, and he believes that it is in the cat's best interest to be put down
due to the unnecessary suffering, then you may still qualify for a replacement kitten once I have talked to you, or your veterinarian.
None of us want to see any animals suffer. Nor does anyone of us need to jeopardize our financial stability trying to fix or cure something that is a dead end.

11. Your cat or kitten has been fed Life's Abundance dry and wet food. It needs to be kept on the same food being the dry and the canned food.
However you can choose a meat only diet. This is only for a minimum of 12 months after you get your kitten. Remember that keeping it on this diet for up to 5 years can increase your
health guarantee for up to 5 years. That is cheap insurance considering it has to eat anyway.
However, if your veterinarian finds it to be medically necessary to change the diet you can do that after talking to me.
Keeping it on the same, nutritionally sound diet should prolong the life of the cat and keep it healthy.
An example of an acceptable use of a different food is if your cat has kidney problems. Because of the natural ingredients in Life's Abundance food, your cat may
require a food with different ingredients, such as Science Diet blend for kidney problems.

After a lot of research and talking to my veterinarians, I am using what I think is the best cat food available. It is called Life's Abundance.
Its first ingredients are real chicken and has no corn, wheat, or soy fillers or gluten. It does not use by-products like other brands do. Those are unusable parts of the chicken,
i.e. head, beak, feet, feathers, and so on.
It does use cooked, brown rice for the carbs that are needed in a cats diet. Cats DO eat some grains, but really need a low carbohydrate diet. Look at their natural foods and
what they eat in the wild.
The proper grains, and ingredients inside the grains, that are balanced with the proteins, fats, and other nutritional components of the food are proven to be good and necessary.
There are currently pet food recalls and LA has never had a recall.
However Life's Abundance does have a grain free cat food and I do recommend that and have used it with great results.

Changing food due to the cheaper cost may, in the long run, cost much more than a few cents a pound that you may save getting a cheaper food.
There are also more expensive foods that are not necessarily as good, nor have they been proven to be nutritionally better.
The manufacturers of Life's Abundance use premium grade food products and uses a holistic approach to healthy pet foods.
To get the most out of this health guarantee, you must agree to continue using this food. I have made it easy to get.
You can order it on my website, or type in Be sure to use the suffix .info and NOT .com.

I also recommend NuVet Plus supplements. This product is an immune system builder with all sorts of prebiotics, probiotics, and other essential nutritional supplements
that help keep your kitten in the best health it can be. Check out the ingredients and I believe you will be impressed and want to give it to your cats by putting the powder
on the wet food daily. The list of essential ingredients is too long to be included here, so you can look at the site and decide for yourself.

Concerned about price? This healthier food is sometimes cheaper, sometimes a bit more expensive, but always has better nutritional value than most other readily available products.
If you find something that is nutritionally better you can change foods after your 12 month agreement. But the 5 year guarantee no longer is an option.

You will need to set up an auto-ship account with Life's Abundance. When you choose to auto-ship the Life's Abundance-Natural Choice cat food, you will get a $50 discount
off the price of the kitten.
It is not much more expensive than most of the popular foods out there, and if it is, we are talking about a few cents. Your cat's health is worth the choice.
You can go to the comparison chart to see how yours compares to what you will need to be getting.
This food is also deliver to your door. It cannot be purchased at a store, so the convenience is that you can do your shopping online, or even from your I-phone.

I also use a raw meat diet with my cats. I use quality-human grade meats.
Be very careful when using a raw diet. When I prepare store purchased raw food as a supplement to the diet, I always put the NuVet Plus supplement-vitamin
powder on the wet food.
I use and recommend NuVet Plus supplement-vitamin powder, which you should be able to order from my site also, or from

12. The purchaser will provide the cat or kitten with proper nutrition, such as Life's Abundance cat foods, proper veterinarian care, vaccines, and human companionship,
and will never mistreat, neglect, harm, or abandon it.

13. Purchaser agrees to provide the kitten or cat with a clean, pleasant environment, conducive to good health and with adequate space for exercise.
This kitten or cat will primarily remain uncaged, except during illness or for safety of the cat or kitten or her offspring.
The cat or kitten will never be allowed to roam alone, unsupervised outside.
This invites diseases, fleas, danger, and will cause the health guarantee to be rendered null and void.
You may walk the cat on a leash if it is supervised and kept from fear and harm.

14. Seller provides registration application papers when applicable. Those will be emailed to you only after proof of altering has been done
unless the kitten was purchased with breeding rights. I do not offer breeding rights at this time. The papers from the cat registries are not free.

There is a charge from the organizations. The fee for registration papers will be cheaper if you become a member but that is another fee.
Very few of my customers find a need to pay for and order papers for their pet, but that is an option.

15. Pet purchases will need to have their kittens spayed or neutered by their 8th month of age unless other agreements or arrangements have been made by myself and you.
Healthy kittens should have the procedure done between 4 and 8 months of age. The sooner it is done, the less likely the males will want to spray, and the less likely
that the Fel d-1 protein will cause an allergic reaction. Altering seems to lessen the amount of the Fel-d1 protein in both genders of the cats.

My veterinarian will alter your kitten before it leaves here if you wish. Otherwise you will have to set that appointment up with your vet within the next 4 months.

More about the Health Guarantee

*This kitten or cat is guaranteed to be of sound health upon arrival.

Its health is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the purchase (arrival) date IF vet checked within 7 days of arrival.

You have a 1 year guarantee for most any health issue including genetic and congenital issues if you have kept the kitten on the same food that I recommended
when you purchased the kitten.

If it has not been on Life's Abundance diet then there is no guarantee unless your veterinarian has specific reasons to have you change the diet for the kitten's health.

It is recommended that the new cat or kitten be in quarantine away from other cats until it has been seen by your vet.
The kitten or cat must be taken to a licensed veterinarian within the 7-day time frame for the health guarantee to be honored.

Do not give the kitten a FIP vaccination or the health guarantee will be null and void.

*If the kitten is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, it must be reported immediately to me, the seller.
Upon the kitten or cats return, it will be replaced with another kitten or cat of equal or comparable value, when one is available, or a refund may be offered instead.

This health concern must be verified in writing by licensed vet and within the 7 day time period, and cannot have been exposed to ANY other cats or kittens during this time.
The attending veterinarian may call or email me at any time: (

*Unless we have been in contact prior to 14 days after delivery of your kitten or cat, it cannot be returned after 14 days nor can it be returned
if it has been exposed to another cat, which has not been currently tested for FelV and FIP and Herpes.

Titers are found in most all cats, and thus having titers is not an indication of having FIP, Herpes, or ever getting FIP or Herpes.
Cats or kittens testing positive for titers do not constitute a sick animal, nor one that will inevitably get FIP or Herpes.

However, if the cat or kitten does develop FIP, and dies of  that disease, or has to be put down be causes it is suffering from what is apparently FIP,
and all contractual agreements have been adhered to, and it has not been exposed to any other cats, a refund, or a kitten or cat will be offered as a replacement.
This will be the case if the kitten dies within a year of arrival, and if you have continued to use the recommended food that is on my website,
or one that I have recommended personally.

The replacement or refund will be the breeder’s choice (me). Again, this is assuming the other details of this contract have been honored,
including such items as the kitten or cat has never been allowed to roam outside, or has never been exposed to other cats that have not been tested for FIP.

This excludes any house pets that you already have that are healthy, and they also have not been allowed to roam outside for any period of time.
If you have another cat in the home, and it is healthy, that is just fine with me. Cats usually like companionship.
However, if the cat you purchased from me develops any type of communicable disease, both cats must be tested before we discuss the issues at hand.

*If no comparable kitten or cat is available at time of return, Seller (me) has 1 year to furnish a replacement kitten or cat or refund purchase price.
I will pay shipping on a replacement cat or kitten.  If you want a more expensive kitten, you have the option of paying the difference.

*It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide immediate vet care to any kitten or cat showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so
will render any guarantee null and void.

*If veterinarian care is ignored or not applied as prescribed, health guarantee becomes null and void and buyer forfeits all claims to a replacement kitten,
or refund, or reimbursement of medicines.
*If the kitten or cat dies within the guarantee period, despite medical treatment, compensation will be made ONLY if a licensed Veterinarian certifies the cause
of death is not due to the buyer’s negligence.

*This kitten or cat is guaranteed against congenital or hereditary defects for 1 years from delivery date, or up to 5 years if you follow all the recommendations in the contract
or on the website.

In other words, if the kitten has been kept on the Life's Abundance diet, using meat in the diet, and have been adding the NuVet Plus supplement powder to the meat,
and those products have been ordered from my website, or and,
then the guarantee period will be extended to 5 years. After that the warranty will be prorated for up to 10 years if the recommendations are followed.

Should it die within that time as a direct result of congenital or hereditary defects, the kitten or cat will be replaced at my, the breeder-seller’s expense,
if an appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed vet and vets certificate is provided as proof of cause of death, and death is not due to anything
caused or related to buyer, buyer's home, or anything buyer may have exposed to the kitten or cat.
A replacement kitten may come from the next available litter of kittens, or we can wait until the buyer finds one that he/she would rather have.
If the kitten you want is more expensive than the one you purchased, you may be required to pay the additional costs, minus any discounts you qualify
for. If it is less expensive, I may refund the difference between your original purchase price and the price of the new kitten. This does not include shipping costs.

*If the veterinarian suspects HCM or PKD-1 it must be screened for the malady, and cannot just be diagnosed as HCM on suspicion, without proper testing or screening.
All of my cats that have come from Russia have been tested and cleared of having HCM.
Both PKD and HCM can be detected with an ultrasound test, and PKD-1, and PK Deficiency genes can be tested by a DNA cheek swab.
The gene does not mean that the cat has the disease and having the gene is not covered. Only if the cat is diagnosed by ultrasound, and then dies from PKD, will it be covered.
All of my breeders have been tested for those problems and none of the breeders carry PKD, PK Deficiency, or HCM, or Leukemia, AIDS, or heart worms.
However, if you kitten were to die of PKD or HCM, that kitten will be replaced.

I am aware that diagnosis and false positive testing results of my cats is possible so replacing or refunding the purchase price of your cat or kitten is always possible.

*Replacement will be made with a kitten or cat of equal and comparable value as available, at the discretion of the breeder when one is available.

*Important Notice*
*The kitten may not be returned to the seller unless prior arrangements are made, and agreed on by the seller, as well as dates, times and airlines, or means of shipping.
Anyone returning a kitten without prior agreement will do so at his/her own expense, and will void any and all health agreements, as well as any chance of a refund,
and/or replacement kitten, as this would be completely irresponsible on the buyer’s part and pose a risk to the kitten.

*Due to many factors involved in rearing and caring for this kitten or cat that are beyond the control of the me, the breeder/seller, there are NO guarantees on temperament.
However, the Siberian by its nature is normally a loving and extremely personable companion.
Some may be more shy than others and I make every effort to place the right kitten with the right family.
Factors such as loud children, threatening dogs, or stressful situations may change the temperament of the kitten even though the kittens were raised with humans,
other animals, and distractions.

Declawing often changes the temperament of the kitten/cat, and it is not recommended. These cats are very smart and can be taught not to scratch furniture.
Declawing voids all warranties.

*This contract is legal and binding to all parties involved. It applies ONLY the buyer and seller in this original transaction and is NOT transferable to other parties.

*The buyer agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract and to pay as stated.

Deposits are always refundable unless you have ordered a kitten, had it altered, and then changed your mind. Once I have spend money on your kitten at your request,
no refunds will be processed.
Also, your deposit can be used as long as I raise and sell kittens. It does not have to be used with any particular litter.

Signature section if you choose to use it. Just copy and paste this into your word document and fill in the blanks. Then you can attach it to an email and send it to me.
I will fill in my part and send you a copy.

The section below is the only part you need to copy and fill out, or print out to send me, if you choose to do so.

At this time, a signature is not required. Your email agreeing to the terms are acceptable. Breeder fills in the section below:


Click here to print out the bottom part of this document before it is filled out.

Seller: Larry Munchrath
Address: 261 Van Zandt County Rd. 2924, Eustace, TX 75124
Phone #: 903.887.6378

Price of kitten _____________Price of Shipping or delivery: ____________________

Spay-Neuter fee ____________ Microchipping fee _______________

Total Amount Due: ________________

Amount of Deposit _______________ Date of Deposit ________________

Discounts: _____________ For:

Final balance due or Paid in Full ______________

Date ________________

DOB of Kitten or Cat ______________________________

Can be registered in    ____TICA    _____CFA 

Registration papers will be sent: (Seller to choose all that apply)

_____When they arrive from TICA or CFA
_____ After proof of altering has been received
_____ No papers will be sent
_____ When the registration documents are paid for

Kitten’s Parents

Sire: _______________________________________

Dam: ______________________________________
Vaccinations are on shot records which will be given separately.

Purchaser fills in this section below:

Purchaser __________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________ E-mail _______________________________

I have read this contract and want to purchase, or get on the waiting list for a Siberian kitten or cat.

Signature of Buyer _____________________________________

Signature of Seller _____________________________________
*If more than one kitten or cat has been purchased, only the signature section of this page needs to be duplicated, and
not the entire contract.