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Updated March. 2022

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Opal Rose- Blue silver female X Russell- Brown classic male
DOB- Jan. 16th.
Kittens ready to go April 10th or after

To see Opal & Russell's litter,
click on their photos below.

Being fostered by Teresa Brending in Brenham, TX

All of Opal's kittens have been sold with POL options.

Opal RoseRussell

1st POL sold to Nickel family

2nd POL sold to David Ikejiani

POL #3 sold to Rachel Pruzina

POL #4 sold to Sara Henderson

POL #5 sold to Nadia Hussain



Opals large white Male #1


Opals Large whit emale

Sold to
Bubba Nickel Family
POL #1
No A&C
Pk up at Bucees 3/2


Opal's beautiful white male #2


Opals smaller white M


sold to Sara Henderson, Houston
Pick up at Teresas 4/2/22


Opals Large dark brown tabby Female #3


davids kitten

Sold to David Ikejiani POL #2
A&C 3/4
Pk up 4/16


Opal's dark brown tabby Female #4


Sold to Nadia Hussain POL #5
A&C 3/4
Pk up 3/9


Opal's hard to find Black Female #5
She is the smartest and most curious in this litter.


Opals black Fem#5

Sold to Rachel Pruzina POL #3
No A&C
Pk up @ Teresa's

Blueberry Pie-black smoke x Marz, red classic male
DOB Feb. 21st, 2022
Kittens ready to go after May 16th
To see BBPie's litter,
click on the photo below.

Both kittens are $2500
Being fostered by Teresa Brending in Brenham, TX


Top photo is momma. Bottom is father.



Male #1 Maybe black smoke


zanes kiten

Sold to Zane Dumas


Male #2

Silver Smoke tabby


silver smoke

POL #2 sold to Carrie Haden $200
no A&C

Sterling Greene- Silver classic female x Sterling Barsch- silver male
DOB Feb. 11th, 2022
Kittens ready to go May 6th or after.
To see Sterling's litter,
click on the photo below.

Being fostered by Dawn Barsch in San Antonio

sterling greene

Above is Momma Sterling Greene
Below is Pappa Sterling Barsch (no relation)
sterling barsch


Brown male w/white mittens


Sold to Chandler Self
With POL fee of $200


Black golden female, white toes


starlings blackgold female

POL #3 Sold to
Kate Harris


Black shaded silver female #4


silver f

POL #1 Sold to Sammi Vaughn $250 A&C


Black silver female #4


Black Silver female

POL #2 Sold to Danielle Fry $200



Nina-sliver lynx point female x Luke- black male
DOB Feb. 14th, 2022
Kittens ready to go May 9th or after.
To see Nina's litter,
click on the photo below.

Being fostered by Cindy Wright in Royse City, TX

nina momLuke

POL #1 Sold to Carrie Haden $250

POL #2 & 3 & 4


Brown tabby female called Princess Leia



Sold to Ashlie Lewis


CP male called Storm

$2500 storm


Sold to Carrie Haden


CP Male stubby tail called Trooper

$1800 trooper

Sold to Taylor Jones


Brown tabby male, Luke



Sold to Rebecca Lewis


Chewy sold to Linda and Jerry Goen



The Sold kittens are posted on the Expecting litters link because it can change daily.

Pre-promised people in no particular order

Pre Promised people in no particular order
will come first above anyone on this list :

Sayeda Nazir- will notify when ready

Cheryl Dietzman
Dep pd. early in 2020s


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