Miniature Angus,
aka Lowline cattle.
Munchranch Farm now has Lowline ( American Aberdeen) cattle for sale.
These are Miniature Angus cattle developed by the Trangie Agrciultural Research Center in Australia.
We have several cows, heifers and a bull still available for immediate sale in the US.

Here is a screenshot from Farmhouse Guide. Click on the photo to read the full article on miniature cattle.

Lowline Cattle for sale at

Scroll down the page to see photos of these amazing animals.

These are a smaller breed of cattle which eat much less, do less damage to rangeland,
easier to handle and are more friendly than some other breeds.
Meat production is very good for their size and they still give you a tax exemption.
Get more value with this good natured and well behaved breed of cattle.

If you have a bucket of feed or a bale of hay
they will follow you around the world.
If you have a tractor or 4 wheeler they will race you to the barn.

All the females are available for $1250 each.
They may all be bred other than this year's only heifer calf.
The bulls are $1500.
The steer is $1000 or $800 if purchased with another animal. He is very beefy and now 2 years old.

You have a choice of the bottle fed bull or the larger, mother fed bull.
The larger bull is annoyingly tame but not aggressive. The smaller, bottle fed bull wants to be near you
just in case you might have some cubes or a bucket nearby.
His mom died at a week of age for unknown reasons.
He may also come from a mini longhorn bull and a lowline cow.

There are 3 cows, 1 steer, 2 bulls, and 3 heifers.
The smallest heifer and the bulls were born in Feb 2023.

The older heifers are 2 years old and the cows are 4.
The larger bull has been breeding them all so they may be bred back.
Purchase the whole herd of 9 animals for $10K and save $1750.


This adorable little guy was born red and has changed
to a black brindle in color. He is smaller than the other bull.

Below is the bottle fed bull calf.

Youtube videos:


Youtube video:

We also offer Zebu Bull straws at MunchRanch Farm

We no longer have zebu cattle but are still offering semen from
PGCH Diamond of Munchranch,
and can now ship Internationally for Red Diamond.

His Pedidgree is as follows:
Parents are Subras Dark Vader and 758 Gircha
His fathers parents are DAB Leo and McW's Dandee
His mothers parents are RCP Red Sam and DAB Emily

Diamond, cows, and his first son, a black and white brindle,
Photo taken in Nov. 09.

Red Diamond is 39.75" tall at the back.

Permant Grand Champion
Red Diamond of Munchranch

About 100 Straws available

Straws available for international
and domestic shipping.
@ $50for shipment in the US
& $100
each for International shipments.

*Shipping to Australia is $500 each straw, or you can
contact me for a peson in AU who may have straws available.

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