Russian Siberian Cat Breeders

Referred by Larry Munchrath @ Munchranch Siberians
dated Jan. 2021

Russian Siberian Kittens Texas

Below are some Siberian Cat Breders that may or may not have kittens available.
I cannot guarantee anything about these people nor their practices nor their kittens.
I can only guarantee my own.
However I have some knowledge of these breeders
and feel that they are "Safe and Reputable Breeders."
If you have a bad experience and believe that they should be removed
from this list, please let me know.
Also please tell them that they were referred by me.
Thanks, LM


Larry Munchrath, 903.887.6378
Munchranch Siberians, Munchranch, TX (Googlemaps)

Adam Trask, Utah, 801-358-5155

Cathy Taylor, Indiana, 317-363-3577,>

Vickie Schenk, Florida

Dawn Barsch  San Antonio- Quivive Siberians,

Nathan Houck, Sharyland Siberians

Jenette Baker, Morningstar Siberians

Pamela Martin, Royse City, TX, 972-636-2453,

Toni Boyer, Utah-,

Tina Slayton, Puma Ridge Siberians, Colorado,  does not sell breeders

Tera Hamann,  IA, 515-298-2393

Elizabeth Rakowitz, San Antonio

Michele Manieri, 813-857-6378, 

Barbara  Graff,  904-527-8162, 

Danielle Skiver, Hypoallergenic Siberians,  813-317-9095,  DANIELLESKIVER@GMAIL.COM

Sherrie Phelps, Slava Siberians, Missouri, 314-324-7840,
Susan Grinnell,  303-877-4718,

Christine Cuti, 859-816-9889, 

Natalya Tardif, 720-365-017,

Nina Greene,


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