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Conditions for Purchase Document

Update, 2022

General information and conditions for the sale of a MunchRanch cat or kitten.

I do have a couple of conditions for sale but they are reasonable and you do not have to sign your life away to own one of these kittens.
My first condition is that you get it altered before 8 months old. I do not sell breeding rights so these cats need to be altered, which means Spayed or Neutered.
It is for their health and to prevent cancers associated with intact cats, especially the females.

You can do that at your vet or I can do that here.
I can get a female spayed for $300 extra.
A male is $200 extra.
Microchipping is $50 extra.
To alter the males will need to be heavy enough and have dropped to do the easy surgery.  They can even leave the next day. This can often be done at 11 or 12 weeks old.

A female takes a few days to be able to leave.
They have to be heavy enough for my vet to be OK with doing the surgery.
It usually will not change the date that they can be sent to their new home. Their stitches need to be removed in about 2 weeks. The stitches are the dissolving types, but removal helps the small incision to heal more quickly.

The second request is that you keep the kitten on the same food for a minimum of 12 months after delivery.
This food must be ordered from the link on the web page, or from any of our email correspondences between us. The links are below every email.
There is also a link is at the bottom of this page, as well as on my website.
The food is from Life’s Abundance, a nutrition food company in Florida. 
By agreeing to do this and setting up the autoship,
you qualify for a $50 discount.

The health guarantee is for a year, but if you choose to keep the kitten on the same food from Life's Abundance for the next 5 years, that guarantee can be extended to up to 5 years.  That is for death due to most anything other than kidney failure or neglect and accidents.
That is pretty cheap insurance considering they have to eat anyway and this food is a holistic, healthy food made in Florida, not overseas.

The food is delivered to your door on an autoship bases and you will need to create an autoship account with Life’s Abundance.
The food will need to be there before kitty arrives, or have been ordered.
This is unless you are picking it up here and have not really had time for that to happen. In that case I will give you enough dry food and a few cans of canned food to last a few says.
If you come pick up a new kitten that is available and have not created the autoship account, you will have to set up the account with Life’s Abundance as soon as you get home so it will be there in 3 days.

Not ordering the food and creating the autoship account will void the warranty and forfeit the $50 discount. (Which you probably have already been given credit for, if you agreed orally that you would do that.)
My suggestion it to start with the 6# bag of dry food and a case or two of the delicious canned food when it comes available again.

The pandemic caused severe supply shortage with the quality ingredients that Life's Abundance uses in the canned food, and instead of just agreeing to lower their standards to get less quality, they opted not to produce a less quality food. Life's Abundance has decided to wait until the supply of the highest quality ingredients become available again.

I give half a can in the AM and half in the PM. Eventually they will eat a whole can every day.
Life's Abundance makes grain free or normal kibble which is what I use, but that is your choice.
That should last about a month with the 6 pound bag.

There is no shortage of the dry food.

Regarding the canned food, I recommend a good quality food to use until the Life's Abundance canned food becomes available again.

Weruva, Merrick Purrfect Bistro, Purina One, Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo are suitable to try.
Some of my customers have chosen Chewy to order their canned food so that it also comes on a regular bases.

Purchasing Weruva brand in the larger 10 oz. container is cheaper by the ounce, although the larger container is more expensive, but it has more food per container.

Set up your account for the dry food as an autoship account and make it every 4 weeks. Then, as the need changes, you can get larger quantities, or extend or shorten the time between deliveries.

In order to get your $50 discount off the price of the kitten from me, you will need to agree to set up the autoship account, realizing that you can edit and change what you get it at any time. You can change the frequency of deliveries as well as the amount or size of the order.

Research has shown that cats which have died sooner than the average length of life have often died of kidney problems. 
This is often due to eating only dry for their entire life.
They are obligate carnivores and need meat in the diet.
You have the option of getting only canned food, but not only dry food, if and when Life's Abundance canned food becomes available again.

Unfortunately, I do not honor the extended guarantee unless Life's Abundance food is used for the duration of the 5 years.

I supplement with a raw diet along with the canned food. It is usually chicken meat, hearts, organ meats, and other poultry meats, but there are other meats besides chicken that they will like as well if you can find it.

Even though dry food is made as nutritious as it can be made, dry food is made for human convenience. The cats need meat in the diet in order to be in their best health. 
Kidney failure is not covered in your warranty, so you want to be sure to keep it as healthy as possible and give it the right variety of foods, especially meat, and the supplements that boost the immune system.
There are just too many factors beyond my control which may cause kidney failure, so it is not a covered illness.

However, most of my former breeding cats have been tested for the genetic kidney disease called PKD-1. So, that genetic disease IS covered with my guarantee.
In 25 years, I have never had an incidence of that genetic disease.

Probably the second most important thing to order is the NuVet supplement powder. It is an immune booster and having a strong immune system as a kitten is critical for the rest of your cat's life.

For only about $16 a month, you can help extend the life of your cat and give it a much healthier diet.  It should be added to every canned meat dish. On container lasts 3 months!
The cost is much less than the cost of just 1 office visit to your vet.
NuVet labs is one of the top research labs for animal nutrition.
Again, this is another inexpensive way to keep your cat in its best health and help it develop a much stronger immune system when it is needed most.
That starts the day you take it home and away from its momma.
As loving as you will be towards the new kitten, this is still an extremely stressful time in its life.
It was taken away from its momma and all the siblings and cousins that it played with while it was here.
It will be stressed for a while, and even during the bonding time. Cats are great at not showing that they are ill or stressed until it very far along in the process.

The link for the NuVet supplements is also below this email.
I put the NuVet powdered supplements on every meat meal.
For me, that is twice a day.

Again, setting up this autoship account (1 container every 4 months for at least a year) will also give you another $50 discount, as well as the others that are posted on my site.

The first 12 months of their life is the most important as far as growth, nutrition, development and socialization.
My advice is to give them the best you can and it will pay off in the long run.

What goes into your kitten during this transition time will last a lifetime. This includes love, attention, hygiene, and nutrition.

Similarly, what your kitten does not get will also last a lifetime.
So keep that in mind when deciding on what is important to extending the life and mental health of your new family member.

If you are good with these two main conditions of sale, (the altering and Life’s Abundance food account set up) we can proceed with the adoption.

You can come visit to test for allergies, or you can have the kitten shipped, or deliver by me. 
You can come see it before it is scheduled to leave.
Or we can meet somewhere in-between. 
Those fees and meeting places are linked to the sale page. Of course you can come here for free.

I have some families that foster some of my kittens between the age of birth and 11 weeks of age, and they allow you to visit once the kittens are old enough.

Each litter posted will have the person's name and where they live in case you wish to see the kittens in person.

However, please know that I do not hold kittens for days without deposits or talking with me first.

Let me know if you have any more questions and if you are agreeable to my conditions. I keep all our emails, so  I will have copies of our correspondence. It is not necessary to sign anything to get a kitten from me.

To help make a kitten’s adjustment time be less stressful I have a few suggestions.

 I would suggest that you keep it in a large bathroom or utility room (with the litter box and food/water) for a day or so or as long as it takes to not be trying to hide every time someone comes in. Once he/she comes to you and wants attention, then you can take it out and put it in a room for the next step of adjustment. A bedroom is great but be aware of all the hiding places it will find if it has not become adjusted and feels safe.
Go into the temporary kitty room several times a day and pet the kitten.  Pick him up and hold and pet it.
Do not hold it upside down like a baby doll. They do not like that until they are fully comfortable with you and they will do it on their own once that time comes.
 Often people, especially kids want to hold it like a doll. That is a very scary position for a kitten.
 It’s unnatural and it feels like they are something’s prey, so they do not like that.

Going into the room that the kitten is staying and doing it often,  and giving it affection, attention, and trying to play with it with a tease toy is the fastest way for it to know you are its new family and not a threat.

 It may cry the first night and be annoying, but it’s not as bad as a puppy.  It may not eat or poop the first day, so don’t be alarmed.  I have never had one die from self-starvation.
Please be aware that doing this adjustment phase correctly will last a lifetime.
Doing it incorrectly will also last a lifetime.
A traumatized kitten will have a sad life and the family who owns it will miss a wonderful opportunity for a loving and therapeutic pet.

Also, you have a week to take it to the vet for a kitty check. Take a stool sample as well. Even though they have had one round of wormer meds, and flea meds, they need to be checked for parasites.
Being nervous and stressed out can cause loose stool. Be aware of that possibility.
Being stressed out causes a lowering of the immune system, and that can allow any parasites to multiply, such as Coccidia, which is common in kittens and puppies.

That is easily cured, but keeping the immune system elevated is the best way to deal with preventing illnesses in the first place.
If it does not clear up,  take a sample to your vet to be sure it is clear of parasites.
Not treating it can cause the kitten to die, so be aware of anything that seems not normal.
As far as I know, they are clear of parasites, but if the vet finds any, I will pay for the meds, but not the visit.

You do not need to do any testing for things such as Leukemia because all my original adults have already been tested and I have a leukemia free cattery.

Those are extra costs and many vets want you to test for everything possible. It can be very expensive, and much of that is unnecessary without a reason.
No test are ever paid for and some tests come back as false positives.
So that is another expensive issue that you did not have to endure for such a long time waiting for a clear test.

Besides, if your kitten were to die of that, you get another one, or refund anyway.
I have never had to replace a kitten that died of Leukemia.  But people have been scared when they went ahead and did the test that I told them not to do, and they did anyway because their veterinarian suggested it
Then they were very concerned when it came back positive. 
But it was a false positive and after several months of waiting and retesting, they found out that it actually never had leukemia.  
Those 'SNAP' test sometimes have false positives and that just unnecessarily scares the owners.  
But that is up to you if you want that or not.
A positive test may not necessarily indicate a sick kitten, so your kitten will not be replaced until it has been confirmed that it actually has Leukemia, and has died. That may take up to 6 months.

The kitten you get will have had at least  1 or 2 sets of kitten shots and you will need to give #3 four weeks after the second vaccine was given. The dates are found on your vaccine record. So do not misplace that.

The rabies shot when it is old enough by your vet.

 I am looking forward to having any of my kittens share their life with your family. 
 If you have any more questions feel free to call or email.
We will keep in touch. 
Thanks again for contacting Munchranch Siberians and becoming part of our extended family.


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