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As with any animal wallabies are not for everyone. They require a lot of commitment, special diets, special care and have special needs.
Large, unaltered adult male wallaroos and kangaroos can be dangerous.

  The wallabies are easy going and like to lounge around.
The albino wallabies are more rare than the normal grey wallabies, so they command a much higher price.
Owning either one is like having an addition to your family.
However, as adults, they need to live outdoors where they can get sunshine,
browse for food, and get proper exercise.

They are not good house pets and should not be treated as such.

They can make wonderful hand-fed pets and will stay bonded to people much better
if they are not raised or housed with others of their own species.

They can be bottle-fed, or purchased after they are weaned. Un-altered males can be dangerous.

I no longer raise the Wallaroo or Wallabies, but still offer the book,
"Macropods, Their Care, Breeding and the Rearing of Their Young". for sale.

This is Dusytn holding Peanut, a wallaroo joey.
The joeys love and need to be held but prefer to be in a pouch.

Below are more photos of joeys.

The Books are in and ready to ship!

Also available is a must have book by: David McCauley titled; "Macropods, Their Care, Breeding and the Rearing of Their Young". It is the best, most informative and easy to understand book I have ever read on these wonderful animals. Many vets routinely refer to this book in treating their macropod patients. It sells for just $68.00, and is a must for anyone who owns macropods.

This second edition consists of 478 pages of text, diagrams and graphs
and the accompanying interactive CD contains over 650 photos and 7 video clips.

The retail price is $68.00 plus tax and postage.
Overnight mail is $18.30, but only one book can be sent in the envelope.
Priority mail (2-3 business days) $5.60 for one book.

This 500+ page book was designed as a "How and Why Book,"
informing readers not only how to manage their macropods effectively
but why their management should be conducted in a certain manner.

Author David McCauley's focus in writing this book is to provide the proper information
written in layman's terms but to also answer the questions a veterinarian
would require in treating macropods in any medical situation.

He also includes extensive technical information for the person conducting macropod research.
Learning the practical and the scientific aspects of macropod care is where true understanding comes from.

The author's intent is not to scare or steer people away from macropod ownership,
but to inform and educate inexperienced and prospective macropod owners (and their veterinarians)
so as to encourage responsible management and ownership. The book is designed to also serve as an easy and quick reference tool.
A considerable amount of preventative medicine has also been incorporated
into this book as an aid to effective management.

  • The newly updated book contains over 500 pages of macropod care; this includes veterinary medical procedures
    and the latest research available focusing strongly on preventative medicine.
  • All chapters are written in both standard and metric units in an easy to read format.
  • The accompanying interactive CD contains over 650 photos and 7 short film clips, which provides the reader
    with a visual understanding of the chapters in the book.
  • In summary, this book and CD contain all the information you and your veterinarian will ever need to know.

Click here to see the Table of Contents as a webpage.

Book is $68.00
plus tax and postage
Please add the following charges
depending upon how you want it shipped:
US: regular mail, add $3.50........ = $71.50 ...... $77.00 for Texas residents
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If you live in Texas, $5.50 has been added to the price of the book, on top of the mailing costs, or the book cannot be sent.
That is Texas Sales Tax.
Shipping internationally to Germany, Austria, Auruba or Switzerland, or other European countries is only $27.50 extra.
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 A printable interview about Wallaroos & wallabies.

Click on the photo below for more information about wallaroos.


Picture above is of albino wallabies and wallaroos.
Below is one of the pens with a fiberglass hut for shelter.
The fence is 6 ft. tall

Ryan and Jacobs birthday party. 6/06


Colton and Jordan, experiencing infant care, holding Peanut, a wallaby joey.
Unfortunately, this joey was shot by a pathetic hunter in my area who
bragged about his "kill" and now has a rare animal to stuff.

An unfortunate incident has happened here at Munchranch
and therefore we no longer riase the wallabies.
A pair of my wallabies got out, and before they were able to come back home,
they met up with one of my neighbors about a half mile down the rural road.
This idiot somehow thought that just because a wallaby was on his property,
it must be wild game, and therefore needed to be shot.
He was bragging all about his 'kill' at a restaurant in town,
and had it in the back of his pick up.
Fortunately, not everyone there was impressed.
Unfortunately, an unsecured gate allowed them out, and then under the fence.
This is why a perimeter fence is necessary, and locked gates!
The pair got out, went across the street into a wooded area,
but came back, all but the male.
So, thank you Mr. Bubba Tough Guy, for killing an innocent-never harmed anyone,
nor your precious hunting lease, just visiting, wallaby.
I did not realize that people who kill living creatures just because they can,
were still around in this day and time.  One day, you will also become extinct.


Here is 7 year old Jonathan holding 7 month old Iceman.


In this photo Jonathan is holding 7 month old brother to Iceman, LJ, Little Joey.


Here, Tess (13) and Taylor, (17) are holding two female wallaby joeys.


Albino Wallaby joey

This is the female albino joey.

The photos below show a rare site.
These twin wallabies are from
a friend of Dagmar G. in Germany
who let me use these photos.



Kangaroos in a yard at a
friends living in Australia




Looking out of the home-made house pouch.


Above is Judy
at her new home in Germany

The photo below is of my friend,
Dagmar Gruebnau who lived in Germany.
She named her joey Judy,
Judy was adopted from Munchranch.
She, her son, and a local TV film crew flew
all the way here from
Germany to pick up her orphaned
albino wallaby joey.

In memory of my dear friend Dagmar who passed away Nov. 9th, 2009.
Her joeys were her constant therapy companions.




Above is a mob of Red Kangaroos


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