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What do you have when you get two Siberian cats?
Lots of fluff, joy, happiness and having to find another place to sit.

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We are proud to be USDA licnesed as well as a CFA Cattery of Excellence.


We have several female & male breeders to use as unrelated studs.
We do not overbreed our queens, so we may not have kittens
every month due to the quick sales of these rare cats.

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gold cat



We raise and show Siberian cats,
which are often more
than other domestic breeds of cats.
So, for all those who are allergic to the
domestic cats this might be the cat for you.
It does not work on everyone nor is every
Siberian hypoallergic, so it's best to test
before you buy if possible.
If you have allergies to cats, you may come
bye or try to find a breeder that will
allow you to test for allergies before buying.
So far 95% have had little or no
reaction to these wonderful felines.
And if you are not allergic to cats,
you will love their look and especially their personality.
They range from
$2000 to $3000 for pet purchases.
They are priced according to their color,
size, or parentage.

These purchases require you to agree
to spay/neuter your kitten or have
it done by my vet before it leaves.
The price for altering and a microchip is
$215 for a male and $315 for a female.
Altering alone is $150 and $250 respectively.
Microchipping is optional but recommmended.

No papers will be offered befor the altering has been done.
I do not sell cats with beeding rights unless
you are already a breeder and want different lines.
I may prefer a trade instead of cash.
Breeding rights start at
$2800 - $3500
with full breeding rights and papers.
Shipping is $475 extra.
Personal delivery pricing depends on the place.
Those are posted on the sale page.

Many people are choosing to meet me at
DFW or Love Field in Dallas, TX.

The cost for me to meet you at either
airport is $75. Of course you will have
to pay for your ticked and the kitten's
ticket, which is $125 with American Airlines.
United will not take kittens on board because
they are too young at 12 weeks. USDA requires
then to only be 8 weeks old. Amarican requires
them to be at least 8 weeks as well.
So you will need to use American or call
the airline of your choice and ask.


We also offer discounts.
The guidelines are listed at the bottom of the sale page.
You may qualify for at least one.

We also offer on-line payments with a credit card,
e-checks, or a PayPal option for your convenience.

Cash is preferred since there are no fees involved.

The hypoallergenic qualities have been scientifically documented because of the low levels of certain proteins in the cat's saliva, called Fel d-1.
Most people with cat allergies may be able to own one of these wonderful felines.
On the other hand, those without allergies often get this breed for the wonderful personality, which is more dog-like than most cats.

The allergy levels can be documented by testing and some breeders offer this. I can have your cat tested by ordering test kits from Siberian Research Inc.


Those tests are $400 so I do not offer them unless they are paid for in advance.
 Knowing the results can help you determine if you are able to have a Siberian and what levels of tolerance you may have.


What is FEL d1?
FEL d-1 is a protein found in feline saliva that can cause allergic reactions to humans.
When the cat grooms itself, the allergen dries on the coat leaving dander.
(Contrary to popular belief, allergic reactions are not caused because of cat’s coat length).
Dander particles are so small that many air filters can not remove them all from the air.
Testing for FEL d-1 using fur samples, and today from saliva samples has been done by Indoor Biotechnologies.
The tests would indicate that in this particular study, about 50% of the Siberians
have less FEL d-1allergens than the standard house hold cat.
Note that the females have lower numbers than the males in this particular case study.
However, in another study in 2005, the altered (neutered) males and females had comparable allergen levels
and a good percentage of them still had lower levels of the Fel d-1 allergen than in other breeds.
This is one reason that testing for reaction is always a good idea if possible.
Some breeders do not guarantee that you will be OK with the this breed and will not sell
to families with allergy problems without testing first.
Check out the guarantees with your breeder before making the purchase.
The Siberians are gentle, loving, and will want to be on your lap most of the time.
These cats are very hardy, clean, healthy, and easy to care for, being almost maintenance free, as far as long hair cats go.
They were first introduced into the country from Russia in 1990, so they are fairly new.
This breed comes in many colors, including color point with blue eyes, sometimes called Neva.
The hypoallergenic aspects of this breed of cats comes from the lower amounts of the Feld-1 dander that these cats produce.
No matter why you might want to try one of these jewels of the feline world, you will truly come to love them. 

As you can see from the photos above, they love parties, and enjoy interior decorating, and they love to supervise and help you in the office.

Photo courtesy of Dorene Stupski

Presenting Grand Champion Munchranch Skywalker of Kawakatz

siberian cat

They are famous



They come in exotic colors.
This is a black smoke.


They are Squeezably soft.


They love to play

They are great family pets.


Rare, Silver and
Golden Siberians


siberian kittens

They are easy going and love to have all your attention.

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Click here to see the Wikipedia encyclopedia version for information on this breed of cat.

Munchranch Cattery shows, registers, and is a member of  TICA, However
this cattery, nor any other cattery, is endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.
If a cattery says it is, and shows you a document, it may be fake and they may be scammers.

We are a USDA licensed and inspected facility.

And we ARE a Cattery of  Excellence with CFA

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Understanding Cat Colors:
What color is my cat?
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It is a great source for many questions regarding cats and their behavoirs,
as well as things to feed or not.



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Dr. Oz  talks about the hypoallergenic aspects of this breed.

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