Ariel x Basalt litter
DOB May 9th

All kittens are available without the POL fee.

Ariel's will be ready to go the 1st weekend in Aug. (Sat. the 6th)

Fostered by Teresa Brending in Brenham, TX

Buy any 2 of the kittens below
and get $250 off the total price
Plus you still can take off the other
discounts I offer!

Available without POL fees to anyone.

Ariel Basalt


Super sweet brown Female #1

$2250 ariels female  


Brown Female #2



Brown w/white tip tail Male



Red Male


$2250 rm4  
5. Flame Point Male $2500 Flame point Reserved for Dr. David Doherty
Ariel's brown female #1





Ariel's brown female #2

Reserved for Cathe Tepper



Ariel's brown male, white tail tip #3



Ariel's red male #4




Ariel's Flame Point male #5
$2500 Sold to the Dr. Doherty family


flame male



flame male

The orange on th ears, face and tail will brighten as he gets older. These are beautiful color points.
All color point eyes will stay blue.


Email: Larry-

Cell -Text: 903-508-9089
Landline: 903-887-6378