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Welcome to Munchranch

Russian Siberian Cats of Texas

About Munchranch
We have been breeding and
showing Pure Pedigreed Siberian
cats for over 20 years.
We offer almost all colors and patterns including Corin Golden, Shaded Gold,
Silvers, Pure white, black, calico, tortoiseshell, gingers,
all colors with or without white.
This includes the popular Blue Eyed Color Points,
often referred to as Neva Masquaraids.
If you are new to cat colors check out the FAQ
link to see what they look like, or my Breeder, or Sale Page.

Munchranch has several males and females
so we do not breed related cats.
We try to have kittens all year around but they usually get adopted
as soon as I post photos at around 4-6 weeks of age.

Munchranch is USDA licensed and we can ship anywher
in North America.
However, many people are choosing to fl
to DFW or Love Field and pick up their kitten.
We meet you in person at the airport at a greatly
reduced price than shipping to you via Cargo.
At this time it is $650 to ship and the temps
at either DFW or your home airport must between
24 and 85 degrees.
The kittens are raised inside our home,
or fostered by other families who also share
an intense love for this special breed of cats.

We do have some Conditions for Purchase so be sure to read them
before deciding if you want a kitten from MunchRanch.
Google says that Siberian's average prices are from $1800 to $5000.
Our average price is $2250 with $3000 being the high end kitten price.
Munchranch offers many discounts, so be sure
to check out that link which is found on the Sale Page.

What makes them 'High End' is the rarity of the color,
exceptional quality regarding breed standards,
or the rarity of what I have raised at that time.

Each kitten will have the price clearly posted.
If they are not suited for kids due to them
being more shy than others in the litter,
that will be stated with the photo.

There are lots of scammers out there so be sure you feel good about
the person you are dealing with and if they get frustrated with your
questions, they might not be the right fit for you and your family.
Be sure they have a website that is not in progres.
Be sure that you can actually speak to them.
If in doubt, email me. I have tons of scammers' names on a list.
Cheap Siberians may not be pure Siberians or no
papers to verify proof that they are pure is a red flag.
If the breeder is not a member of TICA or CFA or another
recognized organization, that is a big red flag.
All reputable breeders are members of one organizaton or another.
Their names can be found on the organzation's membership page.

Scammers are great at convicing you to send money without
any real proof that the photos are theirs.
I have personally had photos stolen off my site by scammers
and they put those photos on their fake site.

My Facebook cat page is Munchranch Siberians.
It has a 5 star rating as well.
Do your investigating. Do they have a good reputation
or none at all?

We have a 12 month standard guarantee
but that can be extended to up to 5 years.
Check out the guarantee link for details.

In most cases we require that you use the same quality food that we do for at least a year.
You even get a discount for agreeing to do that.
Check out that link for the information.

What do Munchranch customers say about their cats and not being allergic to them?
Check out the Testimonial link.

And finally, Munchranch does not sell kittens with breeding rights.
There are plenty of breeders who can supply the needs of people with allergies,
and there are plenty of kittens in shelters who would love to be adopted if the
adopting family does not have allergy issues.
They are at the shelter due to no fault of their own
and deserve to be loved and cuddled just as much as my Siberian kittens do.

Thank you for visiting Munchranch Cattery and we would be honored
to have you as part of our extended family.
Larry Munchrath