Russian Siberian Cats
from MunchRanch, Texas

Updated June 2023.
This is the page for the
Expecting pairs
and litters that are due soon
or have recently given birth.

Those who have chosen to pay extra for Pick of Litter (POL) will get first option to choose
when a litter of kittens has been posted.
After they are 8 weeks old if there are any left, anyone can choose them
unless it says "No POL is necessary for this litter. "
If that is posted, anyone can choose a kitten when they see one that they like.

Ariel-High white calico x Evan Chudes- Seal point
DOB 9/17/23
Can leave Dec. 10th


Blueberry Pie- Black smoke X Magnet- Black & White
DOB 9/13/23
Can leave Dec. 6th.

Will be posted on Sale Page soon. 3 blac and hwite, 1 tan & white


Cappuccino- Brown mackeral x Basalt-brown tabby
DOB 9/24
Can leave Dec 17th


Jenna Sterling- Blue macktabby x Maxx- Gold
(Due in Oct)

Misty-Silver Blue tortie x Buddy Barsch- Bimetallic
(DOB 8/5/23)
(Already posted on Sale Page)
Can leave Oct. 28th

Being fostered @ Teresa Brending's home in Brenham, TX


Nikki Greene- Gold x Jake- Bimetallic Gold/Silver
DOB 5/10/23
Ready to go now.
(Already posted on Sale Page)

Nina-Silver CP x Magnet- B&W
DOB June 27
Ready to go now.

(Already posted on Sale Page)


Nubiti- Black Golden x Buddy-Bimetallic Gold/silver
(Already posted on Sale Page)

(DOB 6/10/23)
Ready to go now

Opal Rose-White x Magnet- Black & White
(DOB 6/13/23)
Ready to go around Sept 5th
(Already posted on Sale Page)

Opal Rose

Rose- Red cream x Magnet- Black & white
Due in Oct.

Sterling Greene-Corin Gold & Silver bimetallic x not sure who her next mate will be
Not bred yet.

Ava & Buddy Barsch- both Bimetallic gold & silver
DOB 6/20/23

Can leave now

(Already posted on Sale Page)


Berlin- Red tabby & Magnet- Black & white
DOB 8/11/23
Can leave after Nov. 3rd
(Already posted on Sale Page)

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Land line 903-887-6378
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