Russian Siberian Cats
from MunchRanch, Texas

Updated May 2022.
This is the page for the
Expecting pairs
and litters that are due soon
or have recently given birth.

Those who have chosen to pay extra for Pick of Litter (POL) will get first option to choose.
Then people on the deposit list get first pick for these posted kittens that have not been already chosen after they are 8 weeks old.
Then, if there are any left, anyone can choose them with or without a deposit

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New option
You may pay an extra fee of $250 in order to get 1st Pick of Litter (POL)
You can purchase 2nd, or 3rd & beyond for
pick of any litter. (POL) for $200 extra
This fee is in addition to
the price of the kitten.
However this fee may be offset by
your qualifying discounts

By paying the $250 POL, you are
guaranteed 1st pick from that litter.

To keep things fair, you can only choose
one POL for 1st pick.
You can pay $200 extra for 2nd POL.

Paying $200 gets you anything after 1st pick.

If first drops out, you can upgrade your
lower position by adding $50 to your deposit.

By choosing to purchase the POL, you are moving ahead of everyone else
who paid $100 just to get on the normal
deposit waiting list.

If you do not get the kitten you want
you can transfer to another litter
or get a full refund.
Anyone under you in line will have
an opportunity to move
up in line to take up the spot
that was vacated if they want to pay
the extra $50 to get first pick

The other option of a $100 deposit
gives you a place in line before those
without a deposit can choose.
That $100 deposit is taken off
the price of the kitten where as the
$250 or $200 fee for POL is an extra fee.

Also, I always have the right to reserve
any kitten for my breeding program.
That kitten's photo will say NFS.
In that case the first pick will be the
ones that are available & not marked NFS.

Stella- Black tortoiseshell with white x Magnet- Tuxedo male
DOB March 20. 2022

Kittens ready to go June 10th or after.
To see Stella & Magnet's litter,
click on the photos below.

Will be fostered by Kate Portalatin,in Allen, TX
(There are no kitten to see yet but will be posted aorund 4-6 weeks of age)



Color Point Female


stellas cpf  



Rose- Red cream female x Jupiter- Silver male
DOB- March 23rd
Kittens ready to go after June 15th
To see Rose & Jupiter's litter,
click on their photos below.

Being fostered by Nadi Turner in Cedar Park, TX

Rose PG


Kitten #2 reserved for Katie & Pierce Bradford via POL- Alo
Kitten #5 reserved for Karoon Kuttanna via POL- Judy

Each of the following POL's ( Pick of litters)
are avaiable for $200 and this guarantees you
the kitten you want want without going
through the waiting list and hoping that you
are able to get the specific kitten.
However, you can get on the waiting list and once your
turn in line has come about, you can get the kitten at cost
(assuming it is still available)
and not have to pay the extra $200.

POL kitten #1 Available- Timothy
POL kitten #3 Available- Sage
POL kitten #4 Available- Oliver
POL kitten #6 Available- Lily

Photos by Nadi Turner.


Red Silver M #1





Red Male #2





Reserved for Katie & Pierce Bradford
Alter only


Dk Red M #3





Dk Red M #4







Silver F #5




Reserved for Karoon Kuttanna
No A&C


Golden tortoiseshell Female #6 Lily


golden torbie




Catalina- Dilute Calico female x Commando- black smoke
DOB- April 9th
Kittens ready to go around July 2nd
To see Catalina & Commando's litter,
click on their photos below.


POL #1 goes to Hilary Scott
POL #2 goes to Chrisy Speilberger


Blue and white female


catalina blue white fem



Large Red Cream male


catalinas red cream male




Edie Sestra- Calico female x Magnet -Tuxedo male
DOB- April 9th

Kittens ready to go July 2nd
To see Edie & Magnet's litter,
click on their photos below.

Being fostered by Teresa Brending in Brenham, TX
Photos by Teresa Brending

Edie calicoMagic
These kittens are available to be reserved for the POL fee of $200
until they are 8 weeks old. Then the people on the waiting list
will get an opportunity to choose, then anyone else can choose.

POL kitten #1 Sold to Allison Herrz
POL kitter #2 available- Color Point male
POL kitten #3 available- Cute brown with white tabby female


Red tabby male


edies red male AHertz

POL #1 On hold for Allison Hertz, College Station


Color Point Male


edies cp male

POL #2,

Available for this little guy.


Brown tabby Female


edies brown white F

POL #3,

Available for this little girl.

Nubiti- Black red golden classic female x Jupiter- Silver male

DOB - April 16th
Kittens ready to go July 9th or after
To see Nubiti & Jupiter's litter,
click on their photos below.

(There are no kittens to see yet)


POL #3 Folkert Ruiter


Red cream male




Red male





Black Silver male




Black Silver male




Black silver male



Chutasha- gold tortoiseshell x Rasputin- blue smoke

DOB June-July

POL #1 $250 for Oksana Wheeler- female only

POL #2 for David Doherty family


Ariel- Hi white calico female x Basalt-brown tabby male

DOB May 9th

ariel basalt
Ariel's litter

Dark like pop, or black tortie


Dark like pop, or black tortie


Dark like pop, or black tortie


color point


Red M



Confetti- Silver tortoiseshell female x Jupiter- Black silver male


Has 4 black tortoiseshell females
2 color points, M&F


BlueBella- Blue point female x Evan- Seal point male
DOB May-June

Being fostered by Cindy Wright family

POL #1 for David Doherty family



Opal-white masking red-silver x Marz-red classic

DOB- July

POL #2 for Oksana Wheeler- red female


Cappuchino-brown tabby female will be bred this fall.
Nikki Greene- Corin Gold female will be bred his fall.

Pavarti- Seal Point female x Cathy Taylor's male
DOB not born yet
Kittens ready to go 12 weeks after birth
Being fostered by Doug Hymer in Ohio.
To see Pavarti's litter,
click on the photo below.

(There are no kittens to see yet)










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Cell 903-508-9089 Text
Land line 903-887-6378
Emailing is the best way to get a speedy response.