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Russian Siberian Kittens Texas

This young Blue Eyed Color Point male is not retired, but is an older kitten, so is posted here as well.
DOB Sept. 29th 2022

This 10 month old is super sweet and pretty laid back.
This Color Point male will keep his beautiful blue eyes.

He is family friendly and could care less about my nosy dogs.

He will be altered Aug 8th at no charge, or if you want your vet to do his neuter
I will take off $100 from his price as well as any other discounts you may qualify for.

He is only $1200 and ready to go.







Next, I will have this sweet red female up for adoption around December, after her kittens have been adopted out.

Berlin was born Sept, 2019.

She will be available in Dec. 2023

Berlin is $1200 and can be spayed at that price.
Or your vet can do the spay and I will discount her $200 off that price, makng her only $1000.
She has the same health guarantee as any kitten would have,
and you may still have the discounts that you qualify for.

Sold to Kerrie Casey
when she is ready to leave after her kittens have been sold.


Thanks for checking us out.

tortoiseshell sisters

Good bye. 

Email: Larry-

Home 903.887.6378

Cell: 903-508-9089