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Available Adults or retiring cats.

Contract & Health guarantee

The kitten prices will be posted on the Sale Page along with each kitten's photo.
They range from $2000 to $3000 with the average price being $2250.

There may be some special cases where the prices will be discounted,
but those will be clearly marked on the photo.
The prices do not include shipping, delivery, meeting you somewhere,
spay or neutering or microchipping.

The discounts listed below are accumulative and will reduce the price of the kitten.

Before you contact me be sure to read the

Conditions for Purchase

You will have to agree and
sign off on this document
via an email of agreement to me.
One of those agreements
gives you a $50 discount.
Click on the photo below to read the document.

siberian kitten

Want 2 kittens? 
 tortoiseshell siberian
Get a discount!


Available $50 Discounts

Sometimes we have discounted kittens,
or you may qualify for a discount.
IF there is a discounted kitten,
the price will be marked as 'discounted'.
*Already discounted kittens or cats
may not qualify for as many discounts


The first discount is available
for those who have agreed to
set up the Life's Abundance food order
on an auto-ship basis.

Everyone purchasing a kitten from
MunchRanch must agree to use
Life's Abundance food
for a minimum of 12 months unless
we have made other arrangements.
The $50 discount is for those
who set up the Life's Abundance
account on an auto-ship basis
for the next 12 months.

Continuing to use this brand
for the next 5 years will extend
your health guarantee against
death for up to 5 years.
That's cheap insurance since
kitty has to eat and should eat
a healthy diet anyway.


Are you a single parent and head of household?   
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)
This means that you are currently
the only head of a household
with kids living with you on a full time basis,
not if you once were
HOH but they all have since
grown up and moved away.


Are you, or an immediate family member in your
in the military?   
Or are you a retired veteran?
This is one time per family, not per person.
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price
Thanks for your service!


Are you (the adult) a full time or part time student?  
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)

Having kids in school or online learning
does not qualify for this discount.
However, due to Corona Virus, if you are stuck
at home, or choose to be at home and are
enrolled on an online class, that does qualify
for a $50 discount, as the adult. (Not the kids)


Are you or an immediate family member
Bilingual, Deaf or Blind
or have a child that is and would
be benefitting from having a therapy kitten?

Do you speak American Sign Language?
Get a $50 discount!
This is for you or immediate household
members, not just someone you know.


Are you a teacher, teacher aid,
nurse, police, or fireman?
That includes home-schooling adults.
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Are you a Physician, Veterinarian,
Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Vet Tech,
Chiropracter, or in any other medical
field, including non AMA medical professions?

Get a $50 discount!
And thanks for keeping us humans alive
so our pets can enjoy our love and attention.


Have you or a family member purchased
a kitten from me before?   
Get a $50 discount!

(per kitten every time you purchase
another kitten, for life.)
If the new kitten has been purchased by you
within 12 months of the first one,
you will get a $100 discount off the 2nd kitten.


Are you planning to get more than 1 kitten
at the same time?   
Get a $50 discount!
(on each kitten.)


Are you disabled and need a therapy cat,
or have a special needs child or spouse?
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Do you work for a veterinarian or a zoo, or
are you a city Animal Control officer?
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Will you accept a shy kitten because you
are good with animals and can train it to love you?
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price, for each shy kitten)


Are there at least 6 family members in your
immediate household, all permanently living
at the same address?
This does not count temporary in-laws
or adult kids.
However it does include any children that come and go
depending on which parent gets them that week.

Get a $50 discount! (off the total price. )


Do you make under $20 thousand
in total, verifiable a year?
This includes the entire household income,
including all adults living there, & not just
the individual purchasing the kitten.
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)


LGBTQ, or GF or a parent of such?  
 GAD!  Get a $50 discount! (off the total price) 
GF does not stand for Gluten Free :)
Thank you for not being judmental or prejudiced
and accepting people as they are.


These discounts are accumulative and can be combined to lessen the price of the kitten.

You will need to send me the list of discounts that you may qualify for so I can document them in your file and give you the credit.

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Good bye. 

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