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Waiting list for people with deposits.

Updated Jan. 2023

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The Waiting List
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New option

You may pay an extra fee of $250 in order to get 1st Pick of Litter (POL)
You can puchase 2nd, or 3rd & beyond for
pick of any litter. (POL) for $200 extra
This fee is in addition to
the price of the kitten.
However this fee may be offset by
your qualifying discounts

By paying the $250 POL, you are
guaranteed 1st pick from that litter.

To keep things fair, you can only choose
one POL for 1st pick.

Paying $200 gets you anything after 1st.

If first drops out, you can upgrade your
lower position by adding
$50 to your deposit.

By choosing to purchase the POL, you are moving ahead of everyone else
who paid $100 just to get on the normal
deposit waiting list.

If you do not get the kitten you want
you can transfer to another litter
or get a full refund.
Everyone under you in line will have
an opportunity to move
up up in line to take up the spot
that was vacated if they want to pay
the extra $50.

The other option of a $100 deposit
gives you a place in line before those
without a deposit can choose.
That $100 deposit is taken off
the price of the kitten where as the
$250 or $200 fee for POL is an extra fee.

Also, I always have the right to reserve
any kitten for my breeding program.
That kitten's photo will say NFS.
In that case the first pick will be the
ones that are available & not marked NFS.


date paid


Chosen Picked Up √√

NR=No Response



Vickie Schenk


Wants rare Corin Gold
Bimetallic gold-silver female



Dr. Ziv Brill DVM
(No alter)


Lg. Silver-Gold male o/o Irina


Madison Matlage .

NR 6/1
NR 10/2

Wants red male, but needs to wait for Spring.


Madeline Dunklin


wants to stay on list just to see kittens.


Alexandra Christopher


never responded, sold her pick to someone else.


Seth & Angela Kozak
( A&C)

Prev. customer


Blue smoke, however long it takes.


Tarrin Albadri

10/2 wait

Male, flame point, blue/white


Ehssan Faraji


dep pd but not sure who this is


Paul & Selena Agresti


No pref given


Chandler Self

POL Stella's Litter


Yasmeen Khalil
NDR. prev. customer


Male,gold classic if possible.








Kate Harris




never sent


Courtney McKay


wanted POL but never sent it.


Cecilia Guajardo


red female

5/2 has not put deposit yet

Sydney Finneman


wants blue/grey, lynx seal pt. Grey females.


Nearly Squid

Male, fluffy, mid Aug.


An Hua Shih Alice


Wants cream color CP ok, in Jan. any gender



Dana Bivens Chosen $250 pd for POL for Gold female.
1/11 Kristen Akin, Efran Hernandez  

Pd $100 for waiting list/ No gender or color specified.


1/11 John Mathis   Pd $100 for waiting list. Male preferred.
1/30 Laura Shaikh  

wans kitten out of Nina and Buddy B.


2/9 Jeffrey Sutton   NDR, wants sleek coat or rabbit coat kitten. No hurry.
2/24/23 Shab Snyder   wants another out of Bluebell

5/12,  Oleg Dubas


My email is:

Land line 903-887-6378 (preferred- leave message)
Cell 903-508-9089 (not used often)

Please note that the email used to pay with PayPal is

New option
You may pay an extra fee in order to get
1st or 2nd pick of a particular litter.
$250 for 1st, $200 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd.
The $100 deposit gives you a place in line before those without a deposit can choose. Also, I always have the righ to reserve one for my breeding program. That kitten's photo will say NFS.

Email: Larry-
for leaving a message.

903-508-9089 text