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I have not had time to make a response for each of the quesitons below,
so please email me and you will get a personal response.
Most have been answerd somewhere on the site.
I plan to do, eventually. ;)


Some Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What are the kitten prices?
FAQ: Questions about litter and litter boxes
FAQ: Questions about the type of food and vitamin supplents.
FAQ: Do you ship or deliver and what are the cost?
FAQ: Do you allow visitors?
FAQ: When are you open and how do I find Munchranch, TX?
FAQ: What is the health guarantee?
FAQ: What vaccines will my kitten have when I get it?
FAQ: Do you offer spaying, neutering and microchipping for my kitten and at what cost?
Do the kitten come already altered? (spayed or neutered)
FAQ: What type of payments to you accept?
FAQ: Do the kittens come with registration papers?
FAQ: Do you sell kittens with breeding rights?
FAQ: What if I or a famly member finds out that we are allergic to the kitten once it is home with us?
FAQ: What is FEL-d1?
FAQ: Have your cats been Feld-1 tested? Can I have mine tested?
FAQ: What types of genetic disorders tests have your Siberians been screened for?
FAQ: Do you offer any discounts?
FAQ: What color of cats do you offer?
FAQ: Which are better, Males or Females.
FAQ: Do you ever offer any retired or young adult cats for sale?
FAQ: What are the Breed Standards for Siberian Cats?
FAQ: Have you shown your cats?
FAQ: Do Siberians shed?
FAQ: Can I allow my cat to go outdoors?
FAQ: Can I declaw my cat?
FAQ: How to I introduce a new kitten to my other pets?
FAQ: How do I introduce a new kitten to my home?
FAQ: Do cats like other cats and do they get lonely when I am gone?
FAQ: How long do cats live and how old is my cat?
FAQ: Do you recommend any other reputable breeders?

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Cats that are raised together often enjoy 
the company of other cats, but those not raised
together generally need to be acclimated
and introduced gradually.
The original one may be dominant
and want to show that,
but this is not always the case.


Do not declaw your cat.
It is not necessary
and can cause behavioral changes.
They can be trained not to have
"happy paws" on the furniture.
Cat trees are fun and great for
the cats to scratch on.
They need something to play on
and somethingto play with,
which can include another cat.
The scratching is a natural behavior,
so do not try to change that.

Click here
if you are considering Declawing.


Click here to see how to
discipline your new kitten
by Texas A&M Veterinary School.

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