Russian Siberian Cats From Munchranch, Texas
 FAQ Page

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What are the kitten prices?
FAQ: Questions about litter and litter boxes
FAQ: Questions about the type of food and vitamin supplents.
FAQ: Do you ship or deliver and what are the cost?
FAQ: Do you allow visitors?
FAQ: When are you open and how do I find Munchranch, TX?
FAQ: What is the health guarantee?
FAQ: What vaccines will my kitten have when I get it?
FAQ: Do you offer spaying, neutering and microchipping for my kitten and at what cost?
Do the kitten come already altered? (spayed or neutered)
FAQ: What type of payments to you accept?
FAQ: Do the kittens come with registration papers?
FAQ: Do you sell kittens with breeding rights?
FAQ: What if I or a famly member finds out that we are allergic to the kitten once it is home with us?
FAQ: What is FEL-d1?
FAQ: Have your cats been Feld-1 tested? Can I have mine tested?
FAQ: What types of genetic disorders tests have your Siberians been screened for?
FAQ: Do you offer any discounts?
FAQ: What color of cats do you offer?
FAQ: Which are better, Males or Females.
FAQ: Do you ever offer any retired or young adult cats for sale?
FAQ: What are the Breed Standards for Siberian Cats?
FAQ: Have you shown your cats?
FAQ: Do Siberians shed?
FAQ: Can I allow my cat to go outdoors?
FAQ: Can I declaw my cat?
FAQ: How to I introduce a new kitten to my other pets?
FAQ: How do I introduce a new kitten to my home?
FAQ: Do cats like other cats and do they get lonely when I am gone?
FAQ: How long do cats live and how old is my cat?
FAQ: Do you recommend any other reputable breeders?



Below are quick links to various pages.

The main Munchranch Siberian Cat Informational Page

The original Sale Page
with photos of available kittens
if there are any

You are here

The Waiting List

The Sold Kittens
photo page

Expecting litters-
photos of the parents and due dates

Conditions For Sale
(These must be agreed to before
signing up for a kitten. One of them gets you a disount.)

The Testimonial page

Our Breeders

What is the best food
I should to give my Siberian? 
for ordering the dry and/or canned food from Life’s Abundance
(Setting up an autoship account
gives you a discount
off the price of a kitten)

What vitamins and supplements should I
include in my kittens diet to keep it in
optimal health ?
for ordering the immune booster supplements from NuVet.
(Doing this gives you another $50 discount)

Available Adults or retiring cats.

What's your question?
coming soon

Contact information:


The "Free" waiting list has over 700
people on it, but those on this list
will not be contacted unless there are
kittens left once the deposit waiting
list has been taken care of.
The Free list does not mean
free Siberian kittens.
It means that you do not have to put
a deposit down to be notified when
there are kittens available.

The next litters are due late winter and
then more coming thoroughout the year.
They can leave 12 weeks after their DOB.

Kitten prices range from
$1800 - $2500
, averaging $2000 for most.
Shipping or delivery is extra.
Thanks to Covid,
American Air has increased its fees.
It now will cost $475 to ship a kitten.
You might find a cheap flight and come
to DFW and pick up the kitty.
I only charge $75 to meet you there.

I also offer personal delivery for a fee.

These kittens must be altered at your vet, or mine, &
do not come with breeding rights.

Altering & Microchipping a male is $215 extra.
Spaying & Chipping a female is $315.

Altering only is $150 for males and $250 for females.
My vet can do this before your kitten leaves,
or your vet may do it before your kitten is 8 months old.


New litters are coming in the next
few months, and can leave
at 12 weeks of age.

Email me if you want to be
on the free email list.
FaceBook messages will not get to me.

I have started taking deposits
for a place in line to choose a kitten.
The deposit is a minimum of $100
with the balance due at the time
of pick up or delivery.
(minus any discounts)
This is a fully refundable deposit.
If I cannot fulfill your order
or if you cannot find a kitten you like
or if the Corona Virus has caused
a change in your plans.

Before you contact me be sure to read the

Conditions for Sale

You will have to agree and
sign off on this document
via an email of agreement to me.
One of those agreements
gives you a $50 discount.
Click on the photo below to read the document.

Please remember that due to the number of people reserving kittens
you only have a few days to respond once I send the notice of posting.
After that, you will not get to choose a kitten that someone else has chosen,
even if you are above them in line. It is the only fair way to do this
and be fair to everyone on the long waiting list.

My email is:

Please note that the email used to pay with PayPal is


Adult Siberians Available

We may have an adult or
retired Siberians available.

However we will have some female
French Bulldog puppies
if you are interested.
Just email for some photos.

For a listing of other reputable
Siberian breeder, click here.
They may or may not have
anything available.
This list is just a courtesy
for you and them.


If you "Like" Munchranch Siberians on FB you can get a $50 discount
off the price of any kitten, along with the others MunchRanch offers.
Check the other discounts out that are posted towards the bottom of this page.
Just send an email with the list and I will document the 'Like'
and other discounts and let you know which ones are usable.


How to Pay for your Kitten

We accept Pay Pal, Money Orders, Cash, and Credit Cards through Pay Pal,
& you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service.
We accept Credit Cards via this PayPal link or over the phone.

If you have a PayPal app on your phone, just open it up,
scan the QR code and make a payment.

Or, if you have a PayPal account,
you will need to send any payments following
the guidelines from the link below,
or you may be charged an extra 6% fee.
For a $1000 deposit, that is $60 extra.
Use these guidelines and avoid this extra fee.
Otherwise they can just be paid via another separate transaction.
Click on the link below.

However if you are using your credit card,
you may be charged a fee even if you send it as a friend.
The only way to avoid the fees is to have
the funds taken out of your account balance.
And, if I am wrong you can let me know.

The absolute way to save fees for both of us is to bring cash.

How to send money to Friends or Family.
If you get a kitten from me,
you can consider yourself as such.

Solution Graphics

If you wish to use your
Credit Card,
Just click on the
"Buy Now"
PayPal link below.
You can make a
deposit or make a payments

PayPal accepts credit cards.

Don't forget to include the cost of shipping, if applicable,
in the total price of the purchase
when using Pay Pal

This does not apply
if you are picking up the kitten.

If you already have a
PayPal account click
on the kitten below.


PayPal.Me/MunchRanch, TX

This is the QR code that you can scan
to pay the deposit or balance due.

QR code


***  Please Note ***
Shipping or Delivery is extra

Due to hot summer temperatures,
or freezing winter temps,
the airlines have temperature restrictions
and will not ship any pets via Cargo
if the temps are above 84 degrees or
below 25 at any destination along the flight.
Due to Covid-19 the rates
have gone up & we all know that rates
will probably not go back down.
It is now $475 since American has added
a surcharge due to Covid-19.
If this charge is dropped,
that will be also dropped to you.
Shipping 2 kittens in the same crate
is only $100 more ($575)
and shipping to Canada is $575

You may want to consider flying here to DFW
and taking the kitten back with you in cabin
because those temperature restrictions
do not apply if you are taking it with you
Be sure and call them first
to find out their fees.

Also, some airlines have drastically
dropped their prices so it may be cheaper
to come get the kitty in person.
My delivery fee to DFW is only $75.
If you require a health certificate, add $25.
There is no requirement from the airlines
to have a health certificate for a carry on pet.

Also, I offer personal deliver
to many different locations.
Those places & prices are listed
below near the bottom of this page.

Of course you can drive here for free.
Because I am USDA licensed,
I can ship anywhere, but the temps
must be in the correct ranges
to meet each airlines' standards.

To find Munchranch,
just go to Google-maps and type in
Munchranch, TX.

Regarding the Food purchase from Life's Abundance:

Click on the photo to purchase Life's Abundance Cat food.
It needs to be there before your kitten arrives.
If you are picking up the kitten and it has not arrived,
I wil give you a few days supply.

You can order the dry kibble
and cases of the
Canned Food separately
if you wish, but be
sure to always include
the canned meat, as cats
are obligate carnivores and
must have meat in the
diet to reach optimal health.

Lifes Abundance

siberian kitten

siberian kitten

Regarding the Immune Booster Supplement
from NuVet:

This product is probably the
most important part of the kitten's
healthy diet that needs to be
used daily on the meat part of
your kitten or cat's meal.

This was developed in order to boost
your cat's immune system during the time
of its life when it is the most susceptible.
Keeping your pet's immune system strong is
crucial in today's environment .

Wouldn't you spend $16 a month to
help increase its life span and help give
it the best, most healthy existence
it can have?
NuVet supplements

Click on the photo to purchase.
One container will last 3 months!

siberian kitten

Below here, the photos are just to show what I have had in the past.
And some articles that I hope you take some time to read.

None of the cats/kittens  shown below are available.

** Before you decide to purchase a kitten,
please click here and read some of the nutritional
considerations that I would like for you to consider.


For some Testimonials,  Click here


Want 2 kittens? 
 tortoiseshell siberian
Get a discount!

What do you have when you get two Siberian cats?
Lots of fluff, joy, happiness and having to find another place to sit.

white siberian

Or you take professional photos and share them.

gray and white siberian

Also, please consider this:
If allergies are not an issue,
think about adopting a shelter kitten first.

These kittens and cats are there of no fault of their own
and need just as much love as my cats do.

We need to eliminate 'puppy mills' for kittens also. 
You cannot get a Siberian at a shelter,
so you will have to find a reputable breeder.

Buying pure bred Siberians may be your only
answer to having a companion kitten,
but if you just want a non pedigreed kitten,
try a shelter kitten.

The ones in shelters would appreciate
being 'rescued' and given loving homes.

Also, it is a fact that Siberians are not
always hypoallergenic to every human,
even though most of my customers have been
OK with this breed of cat.

It is always a good idea to test for allergies
if you can, with the cat/kitten you are getting.
Ask the breeder if there is any kind of guarantee.

Studies  have shown that both males and females
are going to be similar as far as fel-d1 levels
after they have been altered.


What should I feed
my cat?
The best food and
supplements possible,
of course!

So, before you order your kitten 
please click here and go to this link.

Click here to read about this
important issue regarding
keeping your pet healthy.

cute siberian kitten


Is this your second kitten or cat?
Please check out this link
to see how the experts in Cat Channel
suggest the introductions to the first cat.


What color is my cat?
<This link is found on the TICA site>

Mirror, Mirror.
Who is the most beautiful kitten of all?
mirror, mirror


Available $50 Discounts

Sometimes we have discounted kittens,
or you may qualify for a discount.
IF there is a discounted kitten,
the price will be marked as 'discounted'.
*Already discounted kittens or cats
may not qualify for as many discounts


The first discount is available
for those who have agreed to
set up the Life's Abundance food order
on an auto-ship basis.

Everyone purchasing a kitten from
MunchRanch must agree to use
Life's Abundance food
for a minimum of 12 months unless
we have made other arrangements.
The $50 discount is for those
who set up the Life's Abundance
account on an auto-ship basis
for the next 12 months.

Continuing to use this brand
for the next 5 years will extend
your health guarantee against
death for up to 5 years.
That's cheap insurance since
kitty has to eatand should eat
a healthy diet anyway.


If you "Like" MunchRanch Siberians on FaceBook
Get a $50 discount off the total price, 1 time.
This cannot be used more than 1 time per person
or household no matter how many kittens you get


Are you a single parent and head of household?   
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)
This means that you are currently
the only head of a household
with kids living with you on a full time basis,
not if you once were
HOH but they all have since
grown up and moved away.


Are you, or an immediate family member in your
in the military?   
Or are you a retired veteran?
This is one time per family, not per person.
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price
Thanks for your service!


Are you (the adult) a full time or part time student?  
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)

Having kids in school or online learning
does not qualify for this discount.
However, due to Corona Virus, if you are stuck
at home, or choose to be at home and are
enrolled on an online class, that does qualify
for a $50 discount, as the adult. (Not the kids)


Are you a teacher, teacher aid,
nurse, police, or fireman?
That includes home-schooling adults.
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Are you a Physician, MD, Veterinarian,
or in any other medical practice,
including non AMA medical professions?

Get a $50 discount!
And thanks for keeping us humans alive
so our pets can enjoy our love and attention.


Have you or a family member purchased
a kitten from me before?   
Get a $50 discount!

(per kitten every time you purchase
another kitten, for life.)


Are you planning to get more than 1 kitten
at the same time?   
Get a $50 discount!
(on each kitten.)


Are you disabled and need a therapy cat,
or have a special needs child or spouse?
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Do you work for a veterinarian or a zoo, or
are you a city Animal Control officer?
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Will you accept a shy kitten because you
are good with animals and can train it to love you?
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price, for each shy kitten)


Are there at least 6 family members in your
immediate household, all permanently living
at the same address?
This does not count temporary in-laws
or adult kids, or children that come and go, depending on which parent gets them that week.
Get a $50 discount! (off the total price)


Do you make under $20 thousand, total, verifiable, a year?
This includes the entire household income,
including all adults living there, & not just
the individual purchasing the kitten.
Get a $50 discount!
(off the total price)


LGBTQ, or GF or a parent of such?  
 GAD!  Get a $50 discount! (off the total price) 
GF does not stand for Gluten Free :)
Thank you for not being judmental or prejudiced
and accepting or loving people as they are.


The kittens must be altered by your vet or mine.

Neutering and Microchipping
a male is $215 extra
and can usually be done the
week before they are ready to go.

Spaying and Microchipping
a female is $315 extra.

I can subtract $65 if you do not want your
kitten to be microchipped

Many veterinarians recommend that
we all have the surgeries preformed
at a veterinarian clinic instead
of the low cost spay/neuter clinics
due to the high potential of getting
various contagious diseases that the
feral cats bring into those clinics.

I will email you registration documents
on request unless otherwise noted.

Please be aware that there are fees charged
by the cat organizations to register your
cat, so doing that is not free.

I do not sell cats with breeding rights unless
you are already a breeder and need new blood lines.

We do not charge extra for quality or show kittens.



Cats that are raised together often enjoy 
the company of other cats, but those not raised
together generally need to be acclimated
and introduced gradually.
The original one may be dominant
and want to show that,
but this is not always the case.


Do not declaw your cat.
It is not necessary
and can cause behavioral changes.
They can be trained not to have
"happy paws" on the furniture.
Cat trees are fun and great for
the cats to scratch on.
They need something to play on
and somethingto play with,
which can include another cat.
The scratching is a natural behavior,
so do not try to change that.

Click here
if you are considering Declawing.


Click here to see how to
discipline your new kitten
by Texas A&M Veterinary School.

The Cat Kingpin

Click here to go to a Blog
about cats in general.
There are many articles about various
topics of interest to cat lovers.


Catster Magazine online
(This publication is worth
the inexpensive price)


Caster Magazine

What is a 'Tabby Cat"

Everything You Need to Know
about Siberian Cats

Seven Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

What to Name Your New Kitten


Is Your Cat Not Using the Litter Box?
6 Things to know from Catster Magazine


Catwatch Newsletter from Catster Magazine:

How to Stop Your Kitten from
Biting- Love Bites

Cat's Behavior Affected
Critically Early in Life.

Article from Catwatch magazine.

Click here to read about 15
Surefire Ways to Bond
with Your Cat

by Valerie Trumps


Will my kitten's eyes stay blue?


18 Human Behavoirs that Cats Hate and
Wish You Would Not Do.

Youtube Video


Cats With Heart Failure Rrely Cough,
(Article in CatWatch Magazine)


Meeting Places include the following:

If  you want to come get your cat, I will send directions.
Or go to Googlemaps, and type in Munchranch, TX.
That should show you exactly where I am located- more or less.

I also can deliver personally via my vehicle to your address, or to one
of the locations below. It may or may not be cheaper than shipping via American, which is $475.
Some people get discount flights to DFW.
The ticket price for you and the cat are up to the airlines.
My fee to meet you at DFW is only $75.

Place - (city and state) Cost to deliver Exact location to meet.
Abilene, TX $250 Murphy gas station at Walmart, 1702 Texas 351, Abilene
Amarillo, TX $375 Going north on I 35, take Exit 243 off of I-35 N, just before E. Braker Ln. (Whataburger) There is a Valero station just past it on the corner of E. Braker Ln
and I-35.
or the Walmart on Norwood Park Blvd. Exit # 241 going east of I-35 Amarillo travel center. TBD

N. Austin-Round Rock area, TX
Austin -South, East, West loop
Amarillo, TX

Beaumont, S. Tx area





North, McDonalds 310 N. I-35 and Round Rock Ave.

Your place or my normal meeting place.

Brenham, TX $180 TBD
Boerne, TX $250  You place

Bryan, TX

Brownsville, Mission TX area



Dairy Queen, 3003 State Highway 21 E, Bryan, TX, off of Hwy  190 (21) and  hwy 6

To be determined

Buffalo, TX $60 The Subway/Texas Burger, exit # 178 off of I-45, south of Dallas, & 79 towards the east
Burleson, TX $95 TBA
Centerville, TX $75 The Subway/Texas Burger exit # 164 east side of I-45, halfway between Houston and Dallas
College Station, Bryan, TX $125 McDonald's, 2930 TX-21, Bryan, TX 77803. Off on 21 and
Conroe, TX $125 McDonalds, east of Hwy I-45, exit # , 909 W. Davis St, (Hwy 105) Conroe, 77301
Corpus Christi, TX $450 TBD
Corsicana TX- $60 South of Dallas, I-45 & Hwy 31, the Exxon station next to Berry Chrysler Jeep - Exit # 231
Dallas, TX, north, Plano $75 Your place or centeral meeting place.
Dallas, TX, north, Richardson $75 McDonalds- 120 S. Central Expy, Richardson, TX west side of  Central, corner of 75 and W. Beltline Rd. This is behind a Chevron Gas Station.
Dallas, TX, south Oak Cliff $50 Oak Cliff, Norma's restaurant, (Hwy 80), 1123 W. Davis St. Dallas.


Denton, TX



800 S US-287, Decatur, TX 76234.

Walmart @ 2750 W. University Dr,(Hwy 380) just east of I-35

DFW airport, or Love Field airport $75 Inside the DFW/Love field airport terminal of your choice.
Ft. Worth, TX, east -Arlington-Mansifeld area $75 To be determined-
Ft. Worth TX, west $100 To be determined

Frisco, TX

Fairfield, TX



Quick Trip fuel, 5530 Eldorado Pkwy, East side of Dallas Pkwy

DQ, hwy 84, north on 84 between i-45 and Fairfield town center.

Gainesville, TX $150 Home Depot on Hwy 82, going east off of I-35
Galveston, TX $350 TBD
Houston, TX, north and off of loop $250 To be determined- off of 610
Houston, TX, south of loop-Sugarland, Pearland $275 To be determined
Huntsville $125 Walmart, 141 Interstate 45 S, Huntsville, TX 77340, Exit 116 off of I-45 N- @ the Murphy Gas station
I-45 and I-20 south of Dalla$s $75 At the Whataburger in I 45 south of I 20-first exit on west ( Hutchens)
I-35 and I-20 coming up from Austin/San Antonio or from the North on I-35 E $75 Exit 463 going west on I-20 after exiting off of I-35. the Denny's on the corner of S. Cockrell Hill Rd and I-20


Lewisville, TX






Walmart in Lewisville, 801 W. Main, just west of I-35 (exit 452)


Madisonville, TX


Madisonville    Buc-ee's exit 142 off of I-45, 205 IH-45 S, Madsonville exit (hwy 21)
Marshall, TX


To Be Determined, or to your place
McKinney, TX $125 to be announced or to your home

Plano, TX

Paris, TX



TBA or to a specific address

TBA or to a specific address

Midland, TX $275
Rockwall, Royse City area $60 TBA or to a specific address
San Antonio, TX $275 TBA north side
Santa Fe, TX $225 To be determined
Sherman, TX $150 Walmart Murphy gas station on Hwy 82 and 75, exit 63
Springtown, TX $125 The Subway in Brookshires on hwy 199, or any other place near town.
Southlake TX $85 at your place, or another meeting place if you prefer.
Temple, TX $100 Buc-ee's, 4155 N General Bruce Dr, Temple, TX
Texarkana TX $175 TBD
Terrell,TX $50 Home Depot/McCoys Building Mat. on 34, just north off of I-20
Waco, TX $75 Whataburger @ north loop 340 and I-35. (Bellmead, TX) Exit # 339 off of I-35, south of Dallas, north of Temple
Weatherford, TX $125 Steak n Shake/Shell 107 I-20 frontage rd, weatherford tx, exit #408
Wichita Falls, to Vernon, TX $175 TBD somewhere off of  HWY 287
The Woodlands, north of Houston, Spring, TX $150 Jack in the Box, 25060 Interstate 45, Spring, TX,
Exit # 73, then to Sawdust Rd.  coming south from Houston.
Ardmore, OK $275 Denny's 2705 W. Broadway, Exit # 31A , east on Broadway, then LEFT on Holiday Dr.
Atoka, OK $225 Dairy Queen on east side of OK 3, US-75S, 804 S. Mississippi Ave. Southern Atoka, in town

Broken Arrow, OK





Lawton, OK







Going south on Creek Turnpike from MO, which I think is I-44, you will go PAST exit # 28 near Broken Arrow, and the next exit will take you to E. 71st St.
Go east on 71st st. (Kenosha St) Take the first left on S. 209th E. Ave, and there is a Subway on the corner.
I can be there between 1 and 2 if the weather is good (5.5h)
GPS: S. 209th E. Ave. and E. 71st St., Broken Arrow, OK





McAlaster, OK $300 Choctaw casino, just north of the McAlester regional airport, on 69. That is east of the Indian nation Turnpike, on 69  (4h)
GPS: 1638 S. George Nigh Expy, McAlester, OK 74501
Oklahoma City

Norman, OK



at the Howard Johnson Express Inn on SE 15th St. and I-35 (exit 125 B coming from the south)

Ponka City, OK

Thackerville, OK

Tulsa, OK




I-35: Winstar Casino- on I 35, exit 1 from I-35
(US 77 N) at the Best Western Red River Inn & Suites
Other states
Fayetteville, AR ... . ... .. .. . . $350
Little Rock AR                      $350      
 McDonalds, exit 133 off of  I-30,  8011 Geyer Springs Rd
Prescott, AR                         $350       
Normans Restaurant. Exiit # 44 off of I-30, then East on 371,  past Americas Best Value Inn       
Colorado Springs, CO                                   $650
Kansas City, Kansas                                      $500
Alexandria, LA                                               $350

Baton Rouge, LA                                           $375

New Orleans, LA ..........................................$350

Monroe, LA                                                   $350                                   
Shreveport, LA                                               $250
Jackson, MS                                                   $350
@ McDonalds - 2520 S Gallatin St, Jackson, MS 39204

Brentwood,  MO                                           $375

Branson,  MO                                               $300 McDonalds @ 515 W Main St, Branson, MO 65616

Albuquerque, NM .........................................$475
Chattanooga, TN                                            $475
Memphis, TN                                                 $400
Nashville, TN                                                 $350
Knoxville, TN ...............................................$700
Other places in any state, just ask.

Click her to view Kitten Contract and Health Guarantee as a Web page.
Signing is not a requirement, but we expect you to adhere to the agreement
and take proper care of your new kitten.
Click here for a PDF file.

Click here to read more about these wonderful Siberian Cats.

testimonial links



For several years in a row.

How Old is my Cat?

tortoiseshell sisters

Good bye.