Sterling Greene-Bimetallic Silver female
Buddy Barsch, Corin Silver with white

DOB 10/26

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Sterling's litter is being fostered by Hank and Ronda Holly in The Woodlands.
Photos by Hank & Ronda Holley

You will be able to visit the kittens
at their foster home in The Woodlands.
Alternately, you can visit them here when the litter
is returned when they are about 12 weeks old , Jan 18th

sterlingBubba B

All photos by Hank or Ronda Holley, foster parents.



Sterling's only silver male


Sold to Phil Zusi
No A&C
pk up
@ the Holley's


Sterlings shaded silver female #1



Tentatively on hold for Alyssa Hightower


Sterlings shaded silver female #2


Sold to Alissa Montbriand

DFW Jan 17th


Sterlings female #3    





Sterlings shaded silver female #4    

Sterling Greene- Silver classic female x Buddy Barsch- Corin Gold & Silver with white
DOB Oct 26th
Can leave Aaround Jan 18th

Sterling's male


Sterling's silver female #1
Tentatively on hold for Alyssa Hightower

Sterling's female #2


Sterling's female #3

Sterling's female #4


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