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Where we specialize in the Hypoallergenic
Siberian Kittens

We also have some amazing miniaure cattle available. Check their webpage out
by clicking on the photo.

Welcome to MunchRanch Farm,
owned and maintained by Larry Munchrath, Michael Nordin
& my full time ranch hand Reggie Monroe

The Ranch is located in the beautifully wooded East Texas hardwood forest area, 16 miles west of Athens, and 16 miles south of Canton, Tx, where First Monday is a popular attraction.
We breed a hypoallergenic cat for our customers who may be allergic to cats.
This feline fairly new to the USA is the Siberian Cat from Russia.  They are very special. If you are allergic to cats, you might find that you can have one of these hypoallergenic cats. It does not work with every human, but in my cattery, it is about 90% successful. There is no such thing as a Hyperallergenic cat, but there is a HyPOallergenic. That is the Siberian. Go to our cat age and read all about these wonderful animals. We often have Siberian kittens for sale and they come in all cat colors, includng the blue eyed Color Points, Calico, Gold, Silver, brown tabbies, most can come with white, and sometimes we even have solid colors.We are USDA licensed and can ship. There is a new lawthat states anyone shipping kittens via the internet must have a USDA licenses if the kittens are sold sight unseen. So be sure to ask any potential breeders if they are licensed.
My Sister has cat allergies, so to solve that problem, she has acquired the new love of her life, (other than her husband) a red and white Hypoallergenic Siberian cat named Stoli. Of course, she treats it like her new child, birthday celebrations and all! She recently acquired another Siberian that is pure white with blue eyes.
His name is Ice. Now, she has genuine Stoli & Ice from Russia. :)
Here, Stoli is havig his birthday party.

Some party goers.


We hope you look at all of the pages of the farm,
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The land line # is 430-803-5081 and the e-mail for me (Larry) is

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A litter of Russian Siberian kittens.

We have some very friendly miniaure cattle called Lowline, or American Amberdine
These are miniature Angus.
These mini cows are great for small farms and acreage and you can get
an ag exemption with as little as 5 acres and 5 head of cattle in most counties.

Below are Miniature Zebu Cattle
We are no longer breeding this breed of cattle
but we still offer the zebu semen for AI interests.




We no longer sell wallabies, but DO sell the book by David McCauley.
It is a must have if you want to successfully raise these animals.
It has over 400 pages of easy to understand information,
and your veterinarian will need it
if your pet has to visit the vet for any reason.

Click here to view the book and/or make a purchase.


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